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Wish you could just talk to the 2020 candidates one-on-one and decide for yourself which one deserves your vote? Join the New York Times editorial board at the table with the candidates as you've never heard them. Listen as each Democratic contender makes the case as to why they can win the raceRead more

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The Argument: Why Endorse Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar?

Feb 11 • 36:58

Host Katie Kingsbury visits Opinion's other podcast, "The Argument," to defend the editorial board's two endorsements for Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar against her disagreeing colleagues Ross Douthat, Michelle Goldberg and David Leonhardt. They talk about the current political moment, each of the Democratic contenders, and the path to the nomination. ...

It’s Not Our Choice to Make

Jan 31 • 28:29

The board weighs the pros and cons of each Democratic primary candidate, and has a heated debate over what the party (and the country) needs in this moment. Katie reveals her choices, and argues why the 2020 primary is the moment that voters - not the editorial board - gets to decide the future of the Democratic party. Then, the world reacts....

Joe Biden: The Deliberation

Jan 29 • 19:48

In a follow-up bonus episode to former Vice President Joe Biden's endorsement interview, the board deliberates his visit. Some were relieved, while others were disappointed. They question whether he understands the anger of the moment, and his selective invocations of the Obama administration. Then, board member Lauren Kelley gives an explainer of the Hyde Amendment, Joe B...

Joe Biden: The Interview

Jan 29 • 48:16

Former Vice President Joe Biden visits the Times boardroom for his endorsement interview. The editorial board pushed him on reparations, his support of the Hyde Amendment, and getting his public option through the senate. Plus: Hagar the Horrible, Haight-Ashbury and a push-up competition....

Deval Patrick: The Deliberation

Jan 28 • 17:29

In this follow-up to Governor Deval Patrick's visit, the editorial board reacts and shares concerns after Patrick's endorsement interview. Plus, a deeper dive into Patrick's gubernatorial tenure and the Democratic primary field’s foreign policy positions with editorial board member Alex Kingsbury....

Deval Patrick: The Interview

Jan 28 • 43:05

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick visits the Times boardroom for his endorsement interview. The editorial board pushed him on his late entry into the race, his moderate proposals for America’s varied crises, and the lingering scandals from his governorship. Plus: “PatrickCare,” a saint for president, and buying new hips vs. soap....

Pete Buttigieg: The Deliberation

Jan 27 • 14:45

In this follow-up to Mayor Pete Buttigieg's visit, the editorial board reacts and shares concerns after Buttigieg’s endorsement interview. Plus, a conversation with board member Jesse Wegman about Democratic primary candidates's pitches for changing the number of justices on the Supreme Court....

Pete Buttigieg: The Interview

Jan 27 • 51:42

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg visits the Times boardroom for his endorsement interview. The editorial board challenged Buttigieg on his time at the consulting firm McKinsey, his campaign’s missteps in courting black voters, and the details of enacting his public health option. Plus: inscrutable gym PowerPoints, friending Mark Zuckerberg, and a bettered-fl...

Amy Klobuchar: The Deliberation

Jan 24 • 16:41

In this follow-up to Senator Klobuchar’s interview, the board disagrees with each other about her pitch of stable bipartisanship as the best way to enact progressive policies. The board does agree, however, that the Minnesota senator is a consummate retail-politician and a savvy "creature of D.C." Then, a deeper conversation with board member Brent Staples about the Midwes...

Amy Klobuchar: The Interview

Jan 24 • 50:24

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar visits the Times boardroom for her endorsement interview. The editorial board challenged her on her failure to take off in the polls, her plans to make use of executive orders, and reports that she has the highest employee turnover rate in the Senate. Plus: Lindsey the heartbreaker, pipe dreams and Uncle Dick’s deer stand....

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