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The Cash-Based Practice Podcast


Gathering input from many successful cash-based practice owners, this podcast covers all components of starting or transitioning into the out-of-network/private-pay business model for your private practice. Though the host, Jarod Carter PT, DPT, MTC, and many interviewees are physical therapists,Read more

Popular episodes

CBP 182: How to create an exceptional patient experience

Dec 2 • 17:12

Are you missing opportunities to turn your patients into raving fans? Since human beings are wired to notice defects and problems, it takes more than just competent care in a decent office to truly impress. Fortunately, with a little thought, most practices can discover some fairly easy changes that will make a big impact on the overall patient experience you can deliver....

CBP 181: From cash-practice launch to 6-month waitlist in just over a year ... during the pandemic—with Jenny Williams

Nov 18 • 01:09:15

Jenny Williams felt called to pediatric OT since high school. But shortly after graduation, her job in an insurance-based setting where she had to see as many as 15 kids back-to-back in a day left her burnt out and disillusioned. She switched to treating adults as a break, but soon felt the pull to return to her specialty in sensory processing for kids....

CBP 180: How to optimize the profit potential of your past patients

Nov 4 • 12:11

Are you so focused on getting new patients in the door that you’re missing out on the profit potential of your already-satisfied customers? Similar to last week’s podcast on losing patients before they’ve completed treatment, ignoring your past clients creates a “profit leak” that can cost your practice tons of revenue, both in terms of losing potential business to your c...

CBP 179: How to maximize the lifetime value of your average plan of care

Oct 21 • 20:59

Tired of losing patients who improved just enough that they lost interest and never returned? This costly “profit leak” erodes your lifetime revenue per patient, increases the number of new prospects you must bring in each month to fill the schedule, and puts your practice reputation at risk. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your patients truly invested in ...

CBP 178: You're doing your patients and your business a terrible disservice if you're doing this

Oct 14 • 14:06

Do you have a hard time recommending the optimal treatment plan to a cash-pay patient who seems of modest means? In an effort to be sensitive to our patients' limitations, most practitioners often end up suggesting a cheaper option that may not produce the best outcome for the patient. And that can become a lose-lose proposition, as your practice misses out on revenue and ...

CBP 177: You + Smart Phone = New Patients... Here's How

Sep 30 • 12:08

Did last years’ explosion in telemedicine get you curious about how you might leverage video to reach potential patients? While the idea of creating marketing videos may sound daunting, when done well, this can be among the most-efficient methods for quickly establishing your credibility with people who are actively seeking the kind of help you can provide....

CBP 176: How to turn a dull practice website into a patient-generating powerhouse

Sep 23 • 14:45

Is your practice website little more than a digital business card? If so, you’ll want to listen to this week’s podcast… because that boring practice website is leaving a lot of money on the table in the form of potential patients who actually found you but then clicked off into the ether seconds later!...

CBP 175: The easy way to get new patients to give your practice a try

Sep 16 • 15:42

Looking for a way to attract your ideal customer and make it obvious they’ll want to work with your practice? By crafting an irresistible promo offer, you can get a chance to introduce your practice to tons of prospective patients and start building the trust that leads to conversions. ...

CBP 174: How to squeeze the most “juice” out of your current customers with WOM marketing

Sep 9 • 15:11

Looking for a fast, easy way to attract tons of highly interested customers to your door? Then this week’s podcast on word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) techniques is for you. By learning how to properly leverage WOM, you will be able to efficiently reach many more potential customers in a way that establishes your credibility and value right from the start....

CBP 173: How to Decrease Patient Dropoffs in a Cash-Based Practice

Aug 19 • 15:33

Are you tired of watching your “busy” schedule end up full of holes? If too many patient dropoffs are wreaking havoc on your practice, you’ll want to give this podcast a listen. There are a few simple strategies that can transform those flighty customers into reliable partners who are truly invested in reaching their own goals!...

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