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Are you looking to buy your first home? The Buyers Bible podcast is your complete guide for anyone looking to get into the property market, no matter what stage you’re at in your journey. Your host, buyers agent Amy Lunardi, takes through the A to Z of the property buying process, along withRead more

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30 What happens after you buy With Victoria Devine

Jan 24 • 29:25
Woohoo! You’ve bought a property, congrats! So…. now what? In today’s episode I’m joined again by the fabulous Victoria Devine, who recently went through the home buying journey and settlement process herself.
We explore what happens between purchase and settlement, including making sure you get the contract off to the relevant people, paying your deposit, sorting insuranc...

29 Bidding at auctions (without wetting yourself)

Jan 17 • 34:02
Buying a property at auction can be terrifying and exhilarating. And no matter how many times you watch an auction, nothing can really prepare you for the feeling you get when you actually need to bid yourself. Auctions are super fast paced, dynamic and unpredictable environments where anything can happen.
But whilst the outcome is out of your control, there are a lot of t...

28 How To Submit An Offer

Jan 10 • 30:43
In today’s episode we’re exploring how to submit an offer. Unlike auctions where there’s super strict rules around how the buyer and agent need to behave, there’s actually no rules around private sales and submitting offers, and every real estate agency and agent will have a different process in how they handle offers. We’ll be running through the difference between verbal...

27 Building & Pest inspections

Dec 20 • 36:07
Building & pest inspections are a vital step in the due diligence process. I recommend getting one for EVERY type of property - even brand new properties and apartments. Listen to this episode to find out why!
Today I'm joined by Craig Mace from Mace Building inspections. We explore:
Why you should consider getting a building (and sometimes pest) inspection
The types of issue...

26 Doing your Due Diligence (don’t skip these steps!)

Dec 13 • 27:24
26 Doing your Due Diligence (don’t skip these steps!)
We run through the due diligence steps you NEED to take when you’re buying a property. Due diligence (or “DD”) is the investigation of every aspect or feature of a property which could impact its value and suitability.
Aside from figuring out how much a property is worth (which we covered in episode 25), due diligence i...

25 How To Figure Out How Much A Property Is Worth

Dec 6 • 27:07
In todays episode we’re exploring how to figure out how much a property is worth. We run through how to do a comparable sales analysis - this this is the best way for us to determine the value of a property. We’ll discuss the difference between what a property is worth on paper, versus what it’s worth to you, and we’ll also be chatting about bank valuations and computer g...

24 What you should (and shouldn’t) say to agents

Nov 29 • 27:35
Today I’ll be running you through what you should be saying and doing at an inspection, how to have the challenging conversation with an agent regarding your budget, what kind of things you should be asking the agent if you’re interested in a property, and later in the episode I’ve got some real estate agents telling us the types of things which buyers SHOULDN’T be saying ...

23 Inspecting properties! Amy’s top 13 tips

Nov 22 • 39:48
Strap on your favourite bum bag and grab your notepad and measuring tape - this week we’re inspecting properties!
Amy tells us her 13 top things to look out for at an inspection, which includes:
Natural light
Noise from nearby roads, train lines or other noisey things (eg schools!)
Making sure room sizes match up with the floorplan measurements, and can fit your stuff

22 Searching for properties Online and Off Market

Nov 15 • 31:35
Searching for properties sounds easy right. Just jump onto or Domain and click search? Wrong! If you want to make sure you’re searching effectively AND getting access to as many off market (and pre market) opportunities as possible, you need to listen to this episode.
Amy shares her top tips for using the online search websites most effectively before dis...

21 How To Create Your Property Brief

Nov 8 • 33:21
In todays episode we’re exploring how to create our property brief. A property brief is kind of like a list, which defines HOW MUCH we’re going to spend, WHERE we’re going to be looking, and the TYPE of property we’re going to buy. It’s kind of like putting together a grocery shopping list, and I’m not sure about you but if I create a list before I go to the supermarket I’...

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