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The podcast about how publishers create, distribute, and monetize digital content.

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Can the mainstream media compete with Substack?

Nov 9 • 22:55

Over the past few years, dozens of star journalists at mainstream media outlets announced that they were quitting their jobs to launch their own ventures, usually on platforms like Substack. As a result, some have drastically increased their income, sometimes into the seven figures. ...

How The Globe and Mail uses AI to drive engagement

Nov 4 • 01:03:26

For the past decade, publishers have utilized metered paywalls to grow their subscription businesses. Under that model, a reader gets to view a certain number of free articles before a paywall pops up and requires them to subscribe. ...

Spotify is the newly crowned king of podcasting

Nov 1 • 25:04

Over the past several weeks, Spotify made several major announcements in the podcast space....

How Google collaborates with news publishers

Oct 19 • 50:34

Google has a long and complicated relationship with news publishers. On the one hand, it sends billions of visitors to their websites every year through its main search engine, Google News, and other products. On the other hand, some publishers believe that the Mountain View company has siphoned away ad revenue on the back of their content....

The Juggernaut is hyper focused on an underrepresented market

Sep 29 • 01:05:22

Snigdha Sur’s first idea for a media startup was a kind of Netflix-for-Bollywood streaming service, but when she spoke to investors about the idea, they all pointed out that it would be too easy for Netflix to simply copy her strategy....

Content creators are charging their fans for text messages

Sep 8 • 46:45

Most subscription strategies have a pretty straightforward value exchange: in exchange for a monthly payment, the subscriber gains access to premium content that’s locked behind some kind of paywall....

Yes, I'm still here

Jul 15 • 13:33

How the Art of Manliness monetizes its loyal audience

May 28 • 45:00

Most major media companies are focused on scale. They want to reach ever larger audiences and then leverage that reach to drive more revenue. To accomplish this, they invest time and resources to create content across all major social platforms, from YouTube to TikTok to Snapchat....

How Mental Floss evolved over its 20-year history

May 24 • 39:19

In the spirit of Mental Floss’s 20th anniversary, let me give you a few pieces of trivia about the magazine. It made a cameo in two episodes of Friends and an episode of Netflix’s The OA. It started as a print magazine but discontinued its print edition in 2016. In addition to its web content, it produces several popular video series on YouTube. And in 2018, it was acquire...

He writes one of Hollywood's most influential newsletters

May 12 • 40:58

By the time Richard Rushfield launched his newsletter The Ankler in 2017, he had held journalism jobs at several major media companies that included The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed, and Gawker. But because he served as a behind-the-scenes editor in most of these roles, he didn’t have much of a personal brand to speak of, which meant he needed to build a newsletter readersh...

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