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Damian travels all over the globe talking to audiences about trends in the business of food, fuel, and fiber. With his clever wit and down-to-earth delivery, he has turned these topics into an interesting (and sometimes controversial) podcast.

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217 - Ag Inputs — Retail Perspective Heading Into 2022

Nov 29 • 38:43
We’ve been hearing about supply chain squeezes for months now, but what will be the impact at the farm level on availability and pricing? Jim Sprowl, Regional Sales Manager for Ceres Co-Op explains the Ag input market from his perspective. He also shares outlook and a few predictions. In a nutshell: Product availability issues vary by the day and by the product line, unlik...

216 - Creating Your Own Ag Economy

Nov 22 • 42:10
In production Agriculture, you generally play the role of price taker. As commodity production specialization has evolved with modern Agriculture, this puts farmers in a situation to be a victim. At least, that’s how Jason Mauck sees it. Jason is an entrepreneurial farmer with a lot going on. He farms with his family operation, bought and expanded a local meat company, and...

215 - Regenerative Ag Reality

Nov 15 • 47:12
Regenerative Agriculture is getting a lot of buzz these days. What is regenerative farming? What are the benefits and detriments? Do you need certified to begin regenerative practices? And what will we see in way of government and / or corporate standards around adoption of regenerative farming practices? Christie Apple — "CropScout Christie” — joins me to discuss the real...

214 - Interpreting The Government’s Green Proposals At The Farm Level

Nov 8 • 45:49
Last week the federal government unveiled a round of “green” initiatives for Agriculture. Some of the proposals were new, some were recycled old programs, and some touched more heavily on the issue of carbon. This cycle of green talk coincides with the COP26 climate summit in Scotland where countries like the U.S. are making bold pledges about climate change commitments. S...

213 - "Know Your Numbers" And Other Advice from The Farm CPA

Nov 1 • 42:20
Producing bountiful crops or earning a lot of income won’t guarantee success. In fact, big yields or big gross income won’t even guarantee a net profit. Whether you’re a farm owner or have a job in the Ag industry, your success will be accentuated with good money habits and tax management. Paul Neiffer, the Farm CPA joins me to explain tax changes in DC and what you need t...

212 - Tillable: The Website to Rent, Buy, and (Now) Finance Farm Land

Oct 25 • 49:08
Tillable — the online farm land rental site — came on the Ag scene in 2017. Since then, the company has made some waves. From farm land rental, the company moved into farm land sales, and is now morphing into farm financing. Tillable CEO and founder, Corbett Kull, joins me to discuss his company’s beginnings, movements in the Ag land marketplace, the future and much more.


211 - American Soy - A Discussion About Soybean Production and Sales

Oct 18 • 46:31
The 2021 U.S. soybean crop is projected to yield 4.45 billion bushels on just less than 88 million acres. Not bad considering a century ago we devoted only about 100,000 American acres to soybean production. So where do all those soybeans go and what happens to them once they leave the field? Mac Marshall, VP of Market Intelligence with the United Soybean Board explains al...

210 - Technology And Data Analytics To Improve The Cow And The Dairy Farm

Oct 11 • 34:48
You probably don’t think much about duration of milking time for a cow or how protein content might vary from one cow’s milk to another. But if you’re a dairy farmer, these are the sort of things that can keep you profitable. Technological application along with rapid increases in data analysis is happening on modern dairy farms. Dr. Jeffrey Bewley of U.S. Registered Holst...

209 - Paying For Ranch Improvements With Carbon Credits

Oct 4 • 41:08
When Tyrel Obrecht left his banking job to return to the family ranch in Turner, Montana, he knew he needed to increase the ranch’s revenue. Could selling carbon credits to improve the ranch’s infrastructure be the answer? Tyrel and his father, Sam, are about to find out. They’ve teamed up with the Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE) to make grazing changes and add impro...

208 - Understanding and Navigating Crop Input Price Increases

Sep 27 • 47:41
Inflation is upon us, now the only question is: For how long and how much will prices keep accelerating? This is a challenge for every business, especially production Agriculture, which operates on thin margins and involves the acquisition and application of a lot of expensive inputs. To successfully navigate the pricing turmoil, you need to know why prices are increasing ...

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