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Welcome to The Business Brew This podcast’s mission is to dig deep into the thought patterns and analysis of investors and business people. The podcast stemmed from Bill Brewster consistently feeling like he was listening to prepackaged material while listening to podcasts. Instead, he wantedRead more

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Louisa Nicola - Enhancing Performance

Dec 3 • 01:02:20

**BILL TO LOGIN TO LIBSYN AND UPDATE THIS SECTION** We hope you enjoy the discussion.  Detailed show notes below the Stream by Mosiac sponsor copy and thank yous. Please leave us a rating in your favorite app store. This episode is brought to you by Stream by Mosaic, a product that is integral to any fundamental research process.  Stream has developed an extensive libra...

David Gardner - An Investing Fool

Nov 24 • 01:50:33

The one and only David Gardner stops by The Business Brew for an interview Bill has been looking forward to for over a year.  David is a Co-Founder of The Motley Fool.  He is best known for his Rule Breaker investing strategy but Bill knows him as a person that forced Bill to contemplate how he looks at investing.   ...

Jonathan Boyar - Intrinsic Value Opportunities

Nov 18 • 01:18:02

Jonathan Boyar stops by The Business Brew to discuss his investing philosophy.  Jonathan is the President of Boyar's Intrinsic Value Research LLC., an independent research boutique established in 1975 that counts some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and family offices as subscribers. He is also a Principal of Boyar Asset Management,...

David Fauchier - Market Neutral Crypto

Nov 11 • 01:23:59

David Fauchier stops by The Business Brew to discuss crypto and market neutral strategies in crypto assets.  David works at Nickel Digital Asset Management, an investment manager connecting traditional finance with the digital assets market. The firm deploys highly sophisticated low-latency algorithmic trading, pursuing a range of arbitrage strategies in both spot and deri...

Alexandra Blumenfeld - Red Rover Founder

Nov 8 • 01:07:10

Alexandra Blumenfeld stops by The Business Brew to discuss her business, Red Rover.  Alex is a Junior at Vanderbuilt University and founded Red Rover, an expert network.  Bill, Josh Tarasoff, Trey Kuppin, and Elliot Turner have all used Alex's service and all recommend the service.  This conversation will highlight the value Alex provides.  See show notes below for details...

Kyler Hasson - Playing His Game

Nov 4 • 01:34:09

Kyler Hasson ( stops by The Business Brew to discuss how he has morphed as an investor and as a Registered Investment Advisor.  Kyler is one of Bill's good friends and they've chatted about investments for a number of years now.  Kyler is an investor that has gravitated to high quality businesses.  He has also gravitated towards a less concentra...

Chris Bloomstran - Taking Principled Stances

Oct 28 • 02:11:31

This week Chris Bloomstran stops by The Business Brew to catch up.  Part of this conversation are a bit scary.  Parts you may disagree with.  Regardless, it's very apparent that Chris thinks A LOT about what he is investing in. Chris is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Semper Augustus Investments Group. He is best known for his annual letters; most of which ha...

Margot Edelman - Trust This!

Oct 21 • 56:18

Margot Edelman stops by The Business Brew to discuss corporate communications as well as the Edelman Trust Barometer (see   Edelman is an award-winning global public relations consultancy firm.  Key findings from the 2021 Trust Barometer are as follows: - Trust in business in...

Stinson Dean - Talking Lumber

Oct 14 • 02:23:33

Stinson Dean (@lumbertrading on Twitter), owner of Deacon Lumber, stops by The Business Brew to discuss the current lumber market, what happened to lumber in 2020, and how the market got to where it is.  This is a long conversation, but deserves the length.  Stinson goes deep into what it means to trade physical lumber, how he manages risk, why he is hedged, and much, much...

Meb Faber - Quant Savant

Oct 7 • 01:49:26

Meb Faber joins The Business Brew to discuss his views on investments, geographical diversification, trend following, and much more. Meb's podcast, The Meb Faber Show, was one of the first financial podcasts Bill listened to.  That show has featured many incredible thinkers, different styles of investments, and more recently many private mark...

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