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The Bureau Briefing is a podcast by the Bureau of Digital, an organization dedicated to giving digital professionals the support system they never had. In each episode, we share what the Bureau community is talking about.

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Transparency and Trust in Your Organization

Jul 23 • 33:23

Would you want to work for you?

Jul 16 • 34:41
Even shops with healthy cultures and deep pockets are experiencing turnover and struggling to hire. Look at almost any research and you'll see that a competitive salary is an important part of the equation, but not the most important. So there are opportunities to get to yes with a reasonable salary if it's partnered with great benefits and flexibility. But even that's not...

Keeping Your Cool in Tough Situations

Jul 9 • 29:15
It's a different kind of difficult right now. Pandemic uncertainties aside, and that's a big aside, most of us are still struggling to find people to join the team. And the people we do have are being tempted with shiny new opportunities and higher salaries. Oh, and there's still the matter of trying to get out of a lease since the office isn't gonna play the same role in ...

Retainers Rock! Retainers Stink!

Jul 2 • 39:11
There are a lot of polarizing things when it comes to running a webshop. It still blows my mind that retainers are one of them. But it's a great reminder that we're all in this business for different reasons and with different needs. So let's take a look at the good, bad, and sometimes ugly reality of retainers in digital services.

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What do you do when they disappear?

Jun 25 • 40:11
We've all been there. You put your best effort into a proposal and the prospect is excited! You've told the team it's 99% in the bag. The agreement goes over and... crickets. A follow-up email goes out to make sure they got it. Nothing. You call and leave a voicemail. Hello? Is this thing on? So what do you do now? Well... read on and we'll look at why it may have happened...

To B-Corp or not to B-Corp?

Jun 18 • 32:55
For a few years, there's been chatter in the community about B-Corps. A lot of the talk has been about how hard it is to qualify and is it worth it. Lately, with the difficulty in hiring talent, B-Corps seem to have a leg up on everyone else as people want to work for a company with a commitment to doing good things in the world. So what exactly is a "Benefit Corporation",...

Why your client doesn't trust you

Jun 11 • 38:05
From the moment you come in contact with a prospective client you should be laying the groundwork for a relationship built on trust. Not only does this involve being honest and transparent, but also keeping your commitments. And let them know you expect the same from them for the best outcome.

For more best practices from the Bureau Community to keep things on the right pat...

When clients want to manage the design

Jun 4 • 28:41
Sometimes our clients misunderstand what it is we do when it comes to Design and UX for their projects, it can be treated as an afterthought or just as "make it pretty" type of work. What happens when your client wants to bring the design in-house or have their own resource handle that part of the project? Do you have strategies or tactics for how to handle this when it ha...

Let's get real about clients & budgets

May 28 • 35:33
What's the price? What's the budget? This is still a challenging part of projects for many web studios and prospects. But it doesn't have to be! We're the experts and the professionals. It's our job to walk prospects through the process of establishing cost and options of how they'll compensate us for the work we'll do. Work that will make them more profitable. So if you'v...

Getting Testimonials & Negotiating NDAs

May 21 • 26:57
Each week we'll be highlighting what Digital Agencies in the Bureau community are excited about. This week we dig into ways to get testimonials out of your clients and how-to overcome some challenges when they don’t really want to give them to you or even when it seems like you can’t because of contracts or NDA’s.

We've got some great tips and tricks and even a little lega...

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