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The Briarwood Academy

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Just outside of the sleepy town of Twin Anchors Connecticut, lies the Briarwood Reformatory Campus. Our heroes, Gunnora, August, Brock, and Elijah, led in storytelling by The Keeper, Alex Patterson, have been brought together by a mysterious power. Together, they have been tasked with stoppingRead more

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Briarwood Academy Episode 24 | ProtoHYPE 10-8-20

Oct 29 • 51:54
In this weeks episode, our hunters work together to find and build a way to stop the Spider that is terrorizing Briarwood. Elijah Finds the perfect book, Dennis debates between saving the school and eating a special brownie, Gunnora tries to take things in one at a time, and August remembers. Will our rag tag team of hunters find a way to stop this arachnid? Find out ri...

Briarwood Academy Episode 23 | Two Truths And A Fly (Jacket)

Oct 15 • 01:01:23
In this revealing episode of The Briarwood Academy, our hunters discover some shocking truths about one another. August confides in Elijah, Gunnora and Dennis visit the restricted section of the library, and the whole party takes a trip they didn't have time to pack for. what secrets are revealed? find out right now on this incredibly exciting episode of The Briarwood Ac...

Briarwood Academy Episode 22 | Re-Energized

Oct 8 • 59:28
Welcome back to The Briarwood Academy. In the wake of a dear friends death, our hunters must find a way to move forward. It's a shock, to say the least, when a seemingly natural occurrence interrupts the funeral, and begins a new investigation. Elijah bumps heads with someone new and mysterious, August receives an ominous letter, and Gunnora dips string into a magical s...

Briarwood Academy Episode 21 | The Wind

Oct 1 • 01:21:00
In this incredibly tense episode of The Briarwood Academy, the Hunters finally take on the Spirit Trees in an attempt to save Brock. Elijah makes a date, August kicks it into high gear, and Gunnora makes a plan of attack. Will our Hunters have the skills to stop the trees from their reign of terror, and ultimately save Brock? Find out RIGHT NOW in this weeks epic and emo...

Briarwood Academy Episode 20 | The Spirit Trees

Sep 24 • 01:03:46
Brock has disappeared! As the team races to find him, Gunnora teaches English by magic, makes a quick call to his deity, and makes some train track supplies. August and Elijah, meanwhile, discover new secrets about whats really hurting people out in the cherry blossoms. Will our hunters save their friend? Find out right now on today's episode of The Briarwood Academy!


Briarwood Academy Episode 19 | A Name On The Wind

Sep 17 • 47:48
This week on the Briarwood Academy, Elijah learns more about his new friend, Gunnora calls out a jerk, August gets a little famous, and Brock hears something on the wind. How will our hunters proceed in the case of the windy weasel? Check out this weeks episode of The Briarwood Academy to find out more!


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Briarwood Academy Episode 18 | Pride and Wrath

Sep 10 • 56:26
Briarwood Academy is back! After a month away, we're ready to get back to solving the mystery of Briarwood academy, and more specifically, these dang cherry blossoms! In this weeks episode, Elijah makes a new friend, and then gets passionately angry. Brock holds true to his beliefs, Gunnora Takes up origami, and August discovers something very important. You won't want...

Briarwood Academy Episode 17 | The Cherry Blossom In The Breeze

Aug 13 • 01:06:31
A new monster threatens the residents of the Briarwood Academy, Slicing through the flesh of those who walk through the new Everblooming Cherry Blossom Garden. Elijah gets his conspiracy on, Brock meets up with an edgelord, Gunnora plays tag, and August becomes a shoulder to cry on. Will our hunters find the source of this new threat? find out this week on The Briarwood...

Briarwood Academy Episode 16 | The King Of Chaos

Aug 6 • 42:59
In this episode of Briarwood Academy, our Hunters find themselves face to face(less?) with the God of Chaos himself, Umbra. the entire team learns many important new things about the world around them, but can Umbra himself be trusted? Listen now and find out!

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Briarwood Academy Episode 15 | The Wheel Of Many Things

Jul 23 • 40:09
Almost immediately after slaying the evil witch Perchta, our hunters are teleported into the Carnival of Chaos. After a harrowing encounter with a game show wheel, Gunnora meets a new friend, August brandishes a new weapon, and both Elijah and Brock feel stronger. what will our hunters find deep in the center of the Carnival of Chaos? Find out right now on this weeks ep...

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