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Go behind the scenes with Brendon, the world's leading high performance coach and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures in the world, as he speaks to 20,000 people in arenas, coaches celebrities, helps his students, and reaches millions of people every week with his message for how we canRead more

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Workout: Judge Less

Nov 29 • 04:07

If we want less hate and more love in the world, it is imperative that we reduce the amount of negative judgment we have for others. In this episode, workout to motivational music and listen to wisdom about judging less, so you can feel better and make the world a more accepting place....

Kickstart Your New Dream

Nov 26 • 13:56

Starting a dream can be a daunting task that makes us second guess our abilities and avoid change, but that change is essential to our growth and development if we want to succeed in our goals. In today's episode, get 3 solid takeaways to start your dream as you hear Brendon speak about overcoming fear, and taking that first step....

How to Take Accountability For Your Life

Nov 24 • 12:30

Often times we can feel overwhelmed and blame our lack of success on a multitude of reasons. However, real high performers know how to take responsibility for their actions, own up to what they have control over, and steer their life in a direction of success. In this episode, learn the steps you must take in order to navigate towards success in your life. On your path to ...

Workout: Remotivate Yourself

Nov 22 • 05:15

Have you ever felt like you were more motivated in the past than you are now? In this episode, workout to motivational music as you discover how to get that spark back. On your path to more motivation, consider this:...

How to Deal with Difficult Times

Nov 19 • 16:04

How do you know when you're burnt out, in a bad place, or going through difficult times? And once you're aware of it, how do you recover from it? In this episode, learn how to identify when you or a loved one is in a bad place so you can take the necessary actions to reverse it effectively. On your path to dealing with difficult times, consider this:...

Develop Your Self-Acceptance

Nov 17 • 16:31

We often don’t realize how hard we are on ourselves and how much of an impact that can cause on our dreams, relationships, and goals. In this episode, get actionable takeaways that will help you dive deep into self-care, self-acceptance, and internal peace to create more vibrancy, joy, and positive results in your life. This week's episode is a reminder of just how much yo...

Workout: Dread vs. Excitement

Nov 15 • 02:45

Have you ever woken up in the morning, dreading the tasks ahead in your day? In this episode, discover how to turn dread into excitement with a simple tactic of visualization....

How to Learn Faster

Nov 12 • 17:52

As High Performers, we all strive to better our craft and increase our knowledge so we can deliver with more excellence. In this episode, discover key takeaways of how to learn faster so you can deliver with more grace, humility, and excellence....

Develop Your Self-Awareness

Nov 10 • 13:16

From time to time, we all find ourselves feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or unsure if we’re making the right life choices. In this episode, discover ways to master your self-awareness so you can take back the wheel of your life and your future....


Nov 8 • 02:55

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