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The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics

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Consumers are weird. They don't do what they say they will do and don't act how we think they "should." Enter Melina Palmer, a sales conversion expert with a personal mission to make your business more effective and brain friendly. In this podcast, Melina will take the complex concepts ofRead more

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180. Unboxing Videos: Why Do They Work?

Nov 26 • 22:15

If you’re a human person with any access to the internet, you are likely familiar with unboxing videos. Maybe you like and watch them yourself, maybe your kids love to watch other people open up boxes of toys, or maybe you avoid them at all costs. Whatever camp you are in, at one point or another, you probably thought something like, “Why do so many people watch these?” or...

179. Sludge: What It Is and How to Reduce It, a Behavioral Economics Foundations Episode

Nov 19 • 29:22

The internationally acclaimed book, Nudge, has shaped a lot of the field of behavioral economics. It has also spurred a whole other area which one of its co-authors, Cass Sunstein, has written a new book about, called Sludge: What Stops Us From Getting Things Done and What To Do About It, which released in fall 2021. ...

178. The Power of Us with Dr. Dominic Packer

Nov 12 • 49:59

It’s November – a month where many begin to reflect on the year and (at least here in the states) consider the things we are thankful for. It kicks off the holiday season and we may begin to think about those around us whom we may see in person or virtually this holiday. Because of that, it seemed like the perfect time to discuss The Power of Us, a new book from coauthors ...

177. How to Successfully Pitch Your Business Using Behavioral Economics

Nov 5 • 33:07

A company's success nowadays is so reliant upon pitching and getting media coverage. Having a credible source say positive things about you and your company can be pivotal when it comes to whether your brand is going to be seen or not....

176. Reframing Annoying Disruptions to Support Innovation, with Adam Hansen, coauthor of Outsmart Your Instincts

Oct 29 • 51:51

Have you ever had a disruption in your routine – moving to a new house, taking a new route to work – and found yourself exhausted every day? ...

175. Habits, Changes in Your Physical Space, and More with Adam Hansen, coauthor of Outsmart Your Instincts.

Oct 22 • 57:23

Today, Adam Hansen, coauthor of Outsmart Your Instincts who is also the principal and VP of Behavioral Innovation at Ideas To Go is joining me to talk about a whole slew of behavioral goodness. ...

174. The Elements of Choice, with Dr. Eric J. Johnson

Oct 15 • 52:19

A few months ago, in episode 162 you got to hear from Leidy Klotz about his fantastic new book Subtract, which is based on this question of why we humans look to add first when often subtracting can be a better option. It is a little bit of minimalism/essentialism and a really great episode to help people overcome loss aversion and see that, as he says, “less is not a loss...

173. The Science of Opinions, with Dr. Andy Luttrell

Oct 8 • 47:15

Today, I am very excited to introduce you to Dr. Andy Luttrell, a social psychologist who has (at least so far) devoted his career to understanding people’s opinions. You know I love a good question, and he is mostly curious about those opinions people hold onto really tightly and can’t seem to let go of. As he asks on his website, “Why do we hold some views that define us...

172. Why We Like the Things We Like, with Prince Ghuman, coauthor of Blindsight

Oct 1 • 45:37

Back on episode 160, I was joined by Dr. Matt Johnson to discuss his book Blindsight and the work he and his counterpart were doing at Pop Neuro. Today, that counterpart, Prince Ghuman, is here to expand on that conversation and discuss some more amazing work. ...

171. Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, a Behavioral Economics Foundations Episode

Sep 24 • 41:21

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