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The award winning Brain Candy Podcast is Candy for Your Left Brain and Your Right Brain. Hosts Sarah Rice and Susie Meister from MTV's The Challenge discuss what gets their wheels turning in the worlds of pop culture, literature, science, and psychology. They will share their favorite insights onRead more

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EP572: Challenge Trauma, House of Horrors, & Scared Straight

Dec 6 • 01:01:12
Today we hear why Susie is fired up about the Challenge, and Sarah was re-traumatized by an episode recently. Susie gives a documentary round-up with commentary on the Beatles' Get Back, The Von Dutch Curse, and the Alanis HBO documentary. With the Alanis doc, we theorize why she disavowed the film and we speculate on what she perceived were the bad intentions of the filmm...

EP571: Sobriety Sabotage, Childless Women, & Mullet Love

Dec 2 • 01:02:29
Today's episode is more like a therapy session for Sarah, who has found herself single again. She is grappling with her dating life, whether to use dating apps, and what it's like to be single in her mid-thirties. She is even discussing a new sense that she suspects she will not ever have children. She wonders where she could meet a partner in real life, and she considers ...

EP570: Penis Rot, Dreams in Crisis, & Blobs of Color

Nov 29 • 01:00:33
Today's theme is AWHs (accidents waiting to happen) and, well, because there were a lot of accidents that actually happened this week. Susie's brakes in her car stopped working, so she's just glad to be here... until we hear about a man whose penis and testes were bitten by a cobra. It didn't go well. We learn how trauma affects your dreams, and why scholars are starting t...

EP569: Sex Toy Safety, Jew Face, & Serial Killer Origin Story

Nov 22 • 01:01:08
Today we find out why Sarah is especially into the autumnal season this year (and Susie is, of course, wearing a turtleneck). We eat our SVU Did It cakes, and regret nothing. We find out why sex toy manufacturers are finally getting justice. Plus, a law was just passed requiring toys to meet safety standards and we cannot believe this wasn't true before. Sarah tells a stor...

EP568: Alabama Snake, TikTok Miracle, & Holiday Weight

Nov 18 • 59:53
Today we hear about people who handle snakes as an expression of their faith and one preacher who used the snakes as a weapon against his wife. We find out why women's pockets are so damn small (when we even have them). We discuss the woman who was rescued from a kidnapper thanks to TikTok. Susie plays the world's oldest song, and we get totally trippy about music, math, a...

EP567: Saying Yes to Drugs & Toilet Paper Nightmare

Nov 15 • 01:24:37
Today we get the scoop on Sarah's dangerous liaison in Mexico and why mariachi music might not be as hellish as she thought. Sarah met her twin, and Susie thinks they should have a sitcom. We hear about Sarah's decision to try LSD, and what her trip was like (she had a trip on her trip!). Sarah discusses a new zero waste trend that is not ok at all, and why people sometime...

EP566: Detective Sarah, John Wayne Gacy, & Mormon Underwear

Nov 11 • 01:03:55
Susie shares her thoughts on the Britney Murphy documentary, and Sarah decides she's going to solve her suspicious death. We discuss Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic success, gender-affirming transition, and why she's an atypical trans story. We hear about the murders of John Wayne Gacy, and Susie laughs about his ridiculous denial of his guilt. We talk about the New Zealand Bird ...

EP565: Tandem Bikes, Dog Poop, & Orange Juice Teeth

Nov 8 • 58:54
Today we realize we have passed up Law & Order in episodes, and we need your help in figuring out how to celebrate. Susie thinks Mark Zuckerberg is soulless and has clones. Sarah reveals how much dog poop dog owners are picking up. We find out how much clothing people throw away, and we discuss the many reasons to buy used clothing. Sarah has an unfortunate experience with...

EP564: Pop-Tart Lies, Magnet Fishing, & Vienna's OnlyFans

Nov 4 • 01:09:10
Today we find out why a woman is pissed at Pop-Tarts, and decided to sue Kellogg's to get breakfast justice. Susie explains why there might be more to the lawsuit than just sugary breakfast rage. We learn about a new trend called "magnet fishing," which sounded pretty cool until we learned that these folks are causing ecological destruction. We learn about the 6-month wait...

EP563: Hippos are People, Kinky Crows, & Royal Love

Nov 1 • 01:08:54
Today we hear why Sarah wasn't really into spooky season as much this year, but don't worry, she's still a witch. She describes why her ex made her learn to play an instrument, but she continues to play because she loves it. We get an update on Pablo Escobar's hippos and why a judge ruled they are people. Sarah explains different animal death rituals and we find out why cr...

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