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A family man, technological genius, and one very crewed individual teams up with a champion professional wrestler, marketing specialist, and one egotistical SOB to give the raw truth on the topics that run rampant in modern culture. With Producer Geoff, this trio extends an invitation to all toRead more
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Best Episodes

EP01 - We are socially "disrupted".

Oct 28, 2020

"The social dilemma for fathers and handling social disruption ⭐️"



The Brain and The Vain discuss the ideologies around the "Social Disruption" and the impacts social media has had on the world and the current landscape that is 2020. The duo also explain the effects of these new societal norms on their personal and professional lives based on their values andRead more

EP04 - "Gay old time"

Jan 2, 2021

"Raising kids is like running a marathon 😅🏃‍♀️"


The Brain and the Vain welcome Miss Mai into the studio for a candid conversation where they learn her story as a parent of 4 children and her ability to juggle motherhood (as a single parent), studying, and her work in HR, modeling, and the Tattoo Industry.Mai also shares her “coming out” story asRead more

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EP03 - "My bag cost $4k, but you need to shout my coffee!"

Dec 18, 2020

" Diderot Effect 👜🛍 Are you fulfilled? "


The Brain and The Vain discuss modern Millennial/Generation Z's fascination with designer brand purchasing and their lack of dismay for having limited funds for life's necessities and day-to-day living as a result. Along with producer Geoff, the trio examine the ideologies associated with theRead more
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