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Dan Boeckner and Riley Quinn pouring a little bit of maple poison into your brain weekly, here and on Patreon.

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PREVIEW: Locals Only! ft. Neonwario

Nov 28 • 10:11


Gucci Gear X

Nov 26 • 01:03:48

Riley and Dan reflect on the contours of Canada's response to ongoing climate and ecological collapse happening in its West, and how through all its activities it is encouraging more of the same. Including sending $4m worth of gear strapped across 20 hot dog neck RCMP guys to a disaster area... primarily to make sure the pipelines get built!...

PREVIEW: Drome Logic ft. Jesse Hawken

Nov 22 • 05:06

No Cap! (and Trade) ft. Jess Green

Nov 18 • 01:00:28

UNLOCKED: The People‘s Party of Canada (A Party for the People... of Canada!) Part 2 of 2 ft. Podcast About List

Nov 15 • 01:15:57


PREVIEW: The Brents Must Be Buttzy ft. Sexual Jumanji

Nov 15 • 05:06

Streamer and internet personality SexJ joins the boys for another venture into the wild, swinging world of Dog River....

PREVIEW: Riley Quinn Attends Dan Boeckner‘s School of Rock Episode 3: Zola Jesus

Nov 10 • 10:23

Would You Like To Know More?

Nov 7 • 59:04

PREVIEW: Oaf for Justice ft. Will Menaker

Nov 5 • 09:53

Riley, Dan, and Will have watched another Canada-for-America action blockbuster... Steven Seagal's 2001 action classic, EXIT WOUNDS. They break the record for managing to include obvious Canadian landmarks and brands in nearly every shot of Seagal oafishly muttering and stumbling through his last big studio movie before decamping to Eastern Europe. It's a deranged joyride....

Telemakus: Garbageman of Ultramar (ft. Patrick Wyman)

Oct 28 • 01:02:44

We get Patrick Wyman on to discuss the phenomenon in the history profession of "claiming" to have been the first people from the near east or Europe to sail to the Americas, how these are historiographically ludicrous, and frequently just serve to reinforce whatever ideology you want to promote. But first, we hear a VoC update and trial a strange new format for Tides of Hi...

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