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The Boring Talks

Society-and-culture • Comedy

Behind every boring subject is another layer of boringness you could have never imagined. Presenter: James Ward Updated: Weekly

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#55 -Farts

Apr 28 • 15:25

#54 - Jigsaws

Jul 6 • 21:06
It started with a 'Regency Wedding Scene' puzzle purchased for £2 in a charity shop. Now Anya Driscoll is a jigsaw junkie. In this edition of The Boring Talks she discussions her obsession, and pieces together the history of jigsaws, the art of jigsaws and whether or not they could save your life (spoiler – they can't really).

James Ward introduces another curious talk abou...

#53 - Car Boots

Jun 1 • 18:26

#52 - Breakfast Cereals

May 4 • 22:27
Family holidays for the artist Louise Ashcroft meant one thing - variety pack cereals. Would it be Cornflakes? Or Frosties? Coco Pops or Ricicles? Through this multi-grain multiple choice Louise realised she could be anyone..... kind of.
Join her for a creative, personal journey through her favourite corn syrup-infused inflated grain.

James Ward introduces another curious ta...

#51 - Oboe Reeds

Apr 20 • 18:02

#50 - Windows

Apr 6 • 20:29
Where does the word 'Window' derive from? And what does it have to do with a Norwegian architectural historian and a bohemian Austrian poet? On a lyrical journey from death to inspiration, Anne Ulrikke Andersen takes a look through the windows in the life of Christian Norberg-Schulz.

James Ward introduces another curious talk about a subject that may seem boring, but is act...

#49 - Coal Holes

Mar 30 • 22:09
They are either 12, 14 or 16 inches wide, they live just outside our doors, and they come in a variety of striking designs. So why has no one heard of coal holes?
Local historian Amir Dotan explores the streets of London to find the small metal discs you may not have noticed before, but may well have stepped over thousands of times.

James Ward introduces another curious talk...

#48 - Data Centres

Mar 23 • 25:35
What do we all use, but never visit? The sound artist Matt Parker takes us inside the bizarre world of remote Data Centres, where our wireless world is powered by rows and rows of computers running all day, everyday.
But what is the true cost of these centres to our planet? What do they sound like? And why does one have an empty white room with an executive leather armchair...

#47 - Crinoline Ladies

Mar 16 • 16:35
It began as an image of Victorian femininity, became a 1920s style icon, and perhaps ended as a 1970s toilet roll cover. Dr Kathryn Ferry looks at the curious history of the Crinoline Lady, exploring the growth of suburbia, Gone With The Wind and 'crinolinemania'.

James Ward introduces another curious talk about a subject that may seem boring, but is actually very interesti...

# 46 - Teletext

Mar 9 • 17:26

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