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Join Boost VC’s Founder & Managing Director Adam Draper, to learn about emerging technology from leading figures in the industry. Each episode we interview founders and investors to explore topics like startup strategy and venture capital, as well as incredible technology like bitcoin, virtualRead more

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Ask an Astronaut—with Dr. Edward Lu of B612

Jun 30 • 40:32

Dr. Edward Lu is an astrophysicist and former NASA astronaut who logged 200-plus days in space between 1995 and 2007. Today, he serves as the Cofounder and Executive Director of the Asteroid Institute at the B612 Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting Earth from asteroid impacts. On this episode of Boost VC, Ed joins us to discuss what makes space fun, describing ...

Ep. 110: Solving the $800M Problem of Apparel Returns—with Vadim Rogovskiy of 3DLOOK

Mar 25 • 30:45

A total of $2T in apparel is sold online each year. But 30% to 40% of that apparel is returned. So, what if consumers could snap a couple of photos with their smartphone camera and get clothes that are the right fit for their body?...

Ep. 109: Translating Complex Tech Through Design—with Daniel Scrivner of Flow

Feb 18 • 40:27

Design is about much more than just making things look good. Design is valuable because it translates the complexities of technology to us mere mortals. It serves as a way to educate the market and make tech easy for everyday people to use. But what is the design process that gets us to that end?...

Ep. 108: Designing the Test Flight of VR—with Orla Harris of SideQuest

Jan 28 • 35:08

Orla Harris is the Cofounder and COO of SideQuest VR, an early-access testing platform for virtual reality with headquarters in Northern Ireland. Orla and her team provide tools that enable developers to grow a community around their app and solicit feedback from users in the early stages of development. Prior to SideQuest, Orla spent eight years working as a project manag...

Ep. 107: The Future of Fundraising—with Joris Delanoue & Thibauld Favre of Fairmint

Jan 21 • 46:25

When serial entrepreneurs Thibauld Favre and Joris Delanoue joined forces to build the future of fundraising, the Frenchmen chose San Francisco as their home base in large part because of its investor mindset. So, how do Silicon Valley VCs think differently from other investors around the globe?...

Ep. 106: A Migration Path from USD to Crypto—with Andy Bromberg of Eco

Jan 14 • 37:29

More and more people understand that crypto is going to be big. But they don’t really know why. And they don’t want to be forced to turn all of their money into cryptocurrency right off the bat. So, what if there was a way to demonstrate the benefits of the technology with US dollars and then migrate users to digital currency over time?...

Ep. 105: Get Uncle Sam to Invest in Your Startup—with Sedale Turbovsky of OpenGrants

Jan 7 • 38:49

Most founders avoid dealing with Uncle Sam unless absolutely necessary. But what if you could engage the government as an investor in your startup?...

Ep. 104: Building Your Team & Product in Tandem—with Sam Cole & Sameer Baroova of FitXR

Dec 17 • 40:31

Here at Boost VC, we define a startup as an organism in which the founders work to attract the smartest, most dynamic people to solve the problem they believe is most important. Yes, their ultimate goal is to build a product. But more importantly, they are building a talented team that will actualize that product together....

Ep. 103: Why Now is the Right Time for Crypto—with Chris Dixon of a16z

Dec 10 • 50:35

Ep. 102: The Next Big Idea in Crypto—with Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss of Gemini

Dec 2 • 37:39

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have been on the forefront of two internet revolutions, social networking and cryptocurrency. So, what do they think is the next big thing?  ...

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