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Best Bits of the Week with Morgan and Special Guest Lunchbox

Nov 27 • 01:46:16

Luke Combs Performs on the Show + Easy Trivia + Things We Believed As Kids + Amy Breaks Stuff

Nov 26 • 01:09:15

Happy Thanksgiving! Is Amy Too Old To Wear This Brand? + Lunchbox Prank Call + Happy Thanksgiving Game with Country Artists

Nov 25 • 01:04:25

Weds Post Show (11-24-21)

Nov 24 • 22:37

Bobby starts with the Top 3 songs in Country Music. Kim Kardashian appears to have left a hickey on Pete Davidson’s neck, foods not to give your pet on Thanksgiving. Bobby also breaks down how much winners make on Dancing with the Stars. Amy gives an update on her sister’s HGTV show. She also reviews King Richard that’s on HBO Max and in theatres now....

Why Morgan Is Not Spending Thanksgiving with Her Boyfriend + Rob Thomas on Matchbox 20 and His Christmas Duet with Brad Paisley + Lunchbox Tries to Get Invited To Stranger’s Thanksgivings

Nov 24 • 01:14:54

We find out that Morgan2 and her boyfriend are not spending Thanksgiving together and the reason why. She also drops a MAJOR bomb on us. We talk to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 about his new Christmas album, going back on the road with the band and performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Lunchbox tests out a social experiment by asking strangers if he can come to their ...

Amy Had an Unusual Experience At Garth Brooks Concert + The Great Crossing Guard Smoking Controversy + 3 Actors from a 90’s Movie Game

Nov 23 • 01:06:57

Amy took her daughter to see Garth Brooks for the first time and shares her unusual experience. Plus fun facts she learned from the show about Garth. Bobby asks Amy about the sketchy thing she says she saw outside of her kid’s school that she thinks is unacceptable. Lunchbox thinks she’s being crazy for thinking this! We play a game where Bobby gives us 3 actors from a 90’...

Monday Post Show (11-22-21)

Nov 22 • 29:09

Bobby starts the show by talking about how Tae from Maddie and Tae is pregnant! Bobby reviews two movies: Frost / Nixon and Just Mercy. Amy shares the story behind Escape From a House of Horror that she watched on Friday night. Eddie shares how his two boys are different after adopting them. Bobby on a new camera that captures candid photos in your home - is it creepy or c...

Bobby Reveals He’s Out of the Country + Phone Screener Abby Sings The National Anthem at the Race and Does Something That Lunchbox is Angry About + Update on Listener Josh’s Missed Connection

Nov 22 • 01:20:17

Bobby reveals that he is currently doing the show from Central America and all the details he can share why. Phone Screener Abby brings us her performance of the National Anthem from over the weekend. She sang in front of a big crowd before a race. And also brings us audio that makes Lunchbox very angry! We get an update on Caller Josh and his missed connection from last w...

Women of iHeartCountry with Amy Brown: Guest Callista Clark

Nov 21 • 21:08

A special edition of a Women of iHeartCountry interview and performance. Amy welcomes new artist Callista Clark!...

Best Bits of the Week with Morgan and Special Guest Raymundo!

Nov 20 • 02:05:34

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