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We're on a mission to unlock the inner artist in everyone, recognizing no one does that alone. Inspiring artists and innovators share their stories of unconventional success. We delve deep into the human story, taking you into the crucible moments and triumphs of these fascinating journeys.

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Peter Sims — The Art of the Inflection Point

Oct 30 • 01:04:19

Peter Eagle Sims is a best selling author, co-founder of Giving Tuesday, FUSE Corps, and our very own BLK SHP. In the closing episode of season three, the host of the Black Sheep Podcast sits in the guest chair for the first time. During their candid conversation, Peter opens up to Farhoud Meybodi about his winding, and often tumultuous path, from a small mining town in Pl...

Alexandra Wicksell — One foot on the ground, one in the universe

Oct 16 • 49:49

Alexandra Wicksell is an old soul who’s young at heart.  You probably haven’t heard her name yet, but we bet you will soon. She’s a personal growth advisor and creative consultant.  For a thirty-one-year-old, she has an enormous amount of insight and wisdom about finding your true self and your inherent superpowers.  This one is for you and your growth!  Alexandra’s blend ...

Adam Met — What It’s Like to Be A Rockstar & PhD

Oct 2 • 43:53

Adam Met is the “A” in the pop sensation band AJR, with his two brothers.  But the bass-singing rockstar is the last part of Adam we got to know at BLKSHP. He’s a true Renaissance man, a PhD in waiting, and an emerging voice on environmental sustainability with a fascinating story of following his inner artist in different realms.  Listen to how Adam and his brothers start...

Farhoud Meybodi - The United States of Trauma

Sep 4 • 48:10

A writer, director, and entrepreneur, Farhoud Meybodi believes in the power of storytelling to entertain and help heal the political-social divide of the present day. As someone who has walked an unconventional path in life — a BLK SHP path as we'd like to say — he has adopted a unique perspective on America and on life. In this episode, Farhoud uses his brilliant storytel...

Ozcan Cikmaz - Learning From Near Death Experiences

Aug 21 • 36:00

Ozcan Cikmaz is from Istanbul, Turkey. He is a quintessential black sheep and has inspired many. He is a world class athlete and a successful entrepreneur. In his early years, he challenged himself to do all kinds of crazy activities. He survived not just one but seven avalanches. Today you will hear some of his craziest adventures and what he learned from near death exper...

Harold O’Neal - A Table for Eight, Please

Aug 6 • 42:07

Harold O’Neal is a world-class improviser, a pianist and composer, compared to Duke Ellington and Maurice Ravel by the New York Times.  Given that, it should be no surprise that Harold’s conversation with Peter Sims was unlike any other we have featured. They imagine what it would be like to have their great grandparents — one a slave and one a slave owner — meet for dinne...

Leslie Blodgett - How to Be a Child in a Business Suit

Jul 24 • 28:28

Tune in to Episode Four, where we sit down with Leslie Blodgett. Some may know her as the founder of Bare Minerals cosmetics, but we know her as a very humble person with a super creative streak, full of humor and curiosity. Join us as we unpack her inner artist and discover how she blends child-like playfulness into the grownup world. We’ll also hear some words of wisdom ...

Christy Turlington Burns - From Punk to Global Change Maker

Jul 10 • 42:50

For episode three, we’re joined by a woman who wears many hats: Christy Turlington Burns. ...

Troy Carter - To Be Emboldened Yet Again

Jun 26 • 50:12

In West Philadelphia, he was born and raised… For episode two, we’re sitting down with Troy Carter -- lifelong friend to Will Smith, former manager of Lady Gaga, and, of course, a great example of a BLK SHP.  Today, we’re seeing people become “emboldened again” to make political changes, self-healing changes, and changes to the way we learn – and Carter wants to talk about...

Astro Teller - Commencement Speech for The Superheroes of 2020

Jun 10 • 17:38

For the first episode of this season, we’re joined once again by Astro Teller to give a commencement speech to the Class of 2020. He explores how the future thinkers of the workforce are gaining their superpowers through this difficult time and emerging with radical solutions. Listen for the inspiring and honest commencement speech from one of BLK SHP’s original misfits. ...

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