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The Black Enterprise Network podcast aims to showcase Black technologists and entrepreneurs and their stories. This includes students, industry leaders, investors and more.

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#25: Serial entrepreneur protecting companies from unethical hackers ft. Tiffany Ricks

Aug 12 • 32:30

Tiffany Ricks has been in the tech industry for over 15 years with an expertise in software engineering and cybersecurity. Her love for cybersecurity originated when she worked at a company that built out technology for the United States Air Force and the Navy....

#24: The dream of becoming a hacker and escaping the traditional 9-5 ft. Samuel Bartels

Aug 10 • 33:51

In this episode, Sam and I talk about what is was like trying to learn how to code in Ghana, the reason why he's worked remotely for various companies outside of doing a traditional 9-5 at a tech company, and we get into balancing staying in a job for a steady income and eventually transitioning into doing something we're passionate about. 

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#23: Why this 23 year old turned down an offer at Google to start his own nonprofit ft. Jehron Petty

Jul 22 • 34:20

Jehron Petty graduated from Cornell University last year and instead of taking a product management job at Google he decided to follow his entrepreneurial passion. At just 23 years old, Jehron is the founder and CEO of Colorstack: a nonprofit that provides Black and Latinx computer science students with the support, community, and career development they need to reach thei...

#22: Nikolai Francis - Vice President of Product Management at WePay

Jul 6 • 30:37

Nikolai Francis has been in product for over 15 years. He comes from a family of engineers and currently works at WePay as a Vice President of Product Management. Compared to what's considered to be traditional tech products, Nikolai loves the payments space because of how interesting the problems are.

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#21: Daniel Jimenez - Product Manager and Founder of Debtly

Apr 21 • 52:27

In this episode I have a conversation with Daniel Jimenez: growth manager at SqlDBM and founder of Debtly. He talks about his deep interest in finance and how that interest sparked the founding of his company. We also discuss the difficulties that come with being a young startup founder and how you can outsource work without having what's considered a traditional founding ...

#20: Darius Gant - Founder of Tesoro AI and Tech Investor

Apr 6 • 01:12:51

In this episode I have a conversation with Darius Gant, founder of Tesoro AI an artificial intelligence startup, investment professional, as well as a former professional basket player. He talks about how his passion for basketball would change and evolve into passion for the tech industry: especially as founder and investor. He also shares the impact that artificial intel...

#19: Shason Briscoe - Software Engineer at SurveyMonkey

Mar 30 • 45:47

Shason Briscoe is a Software Engineer at Survey Monkey and advocate for growing diversity in the tech industry, especially for the black community. He shares how he got interested in Silicon Valley and tech, what it's like to be an intern vs a full timer, and how he's had an impact on black tech and engineering communities. ...

#18: Jaimon Mcmillian - Associate Inside Sales Representative at Dell Technologies

Mar 18 • 41:40

In this episode I'm joined by Jaimon Mcmillian,  an incoming Associate Inside Sales Representative at Dell Technologies and a fellow MLTer. He shares his interest in the tech industry and how he got in from a non-technical standpoint, and we talk about the idea of betting on yourself and how it can potentially change your life for the better. 

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#17: Dr. Stevens Bonhomme - Client Success Manager at Microsoft

Mar 12 • 27:05

In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Dr. Stevens Bonhomme: a Client Success Manager at Microsoft. In this episode he shares what got him interested in economics, why he moved from Haiti to the United States, and describes his day to day work at Microsoft. 

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#16: Moby Howeidy - Internal Communications Specialist at Slack

Feb 19 • 59:58

In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Moby: an Internal Communications Specialist at Slack and one of my many amazing mentors. He shares how he used his passion for writing and journalism to grow in his career, how he fell into tech, and we also do a deep dive on what it means to figure out what you really want to pursue in terms of your life and career, especially ...

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