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Enough streaming platforms already

Dec 3 • 31:14
Last week, Star Trek fans were given the bad news that its Star Trek Discovery series is being removed from Netflix, with all past and future episodes only available on yet another streaming platform -- Paramount Plus.
Will we just accept this and subscribe to yet another platform? Or are we reaching overload?
This week, Adrian calculates that his monthly TV streaming outlay...

Finding the next Irish Collison

Nov 26 • 21:57
How old do you need to be to start a tech company that investors will take seriously? 25? 23? 20?
Today we talk to a couple of young Irish tech founders who are making waves at a very young age. Greg Tarr is 18 and the CEO and founder of an artificial intelligence firm called Inferex. Having won this year’s BT Young Scientist competition, Tarr received six-figure job offers...

Our utopian technosocialist future

Nov 19 • 26:00
It’s 20 years into the future. Robots are cleaning our beaches and rivers.Advanced technology lets us mine asteroids and collect materials on the moon. And while tech trillionaires enjoy the greatest concentration of wealth in human history, advanced countries now give a universal basic income to all citizens, eliminating poverty and allowing people to focus more on jobs t...

Where are our chips?

Nov 12 • 17:03
Are you struggling to find a Playstation 5? Or dismayed at month-long waiting lists for an iPhone 13 Pro? Or may your car dealer says you can’t change to a new model until next year because they can’t get any?
All of these shortages have one thing in common: a supply chain crisis in computer chips.
But in this high-tech world, how can this be happening? What’s behind it? An...

Drone deliveries in Irish towns

Nov 5 • 25:09
Imagine you’re peckish. There’s nothing in the fridge but it’s
lashing outside — you don’t want to go the supermarket, and ordering your regular takeout will take ages.

Now imagine a different scenario: you order a takeout and it
arrives in 10 minutes. Why? Because it skipped the roads and came instead by drone.

That’s an option that the residents of Oranmore in Galway, Mone...

Are data centres sucking the energy out of Ireland?

Oct 29 • 28:00
As warnings of energy blackouts this winter emerge, there are questions being asked about the value of data centres to Ireland. Are they energy hogs? Do they hold their own as worthwhile businesses? And what should our policy be going forward?
With over 70 major data centres located in Ireland, some political parties are calling for a moratorium on new data centres. But is ...

What is Facebook's new metaverse?

Oct 22 • 26:50
Will we all switch over to a new, more integrated virtual reality to socialise, play, work and shop?

That's what Mark Zuckerberg thinks is going to happen. He and Facebook are now about to start building this 'metaverse', partly in Ireland.
How will it benefit our lives?
How might it hurt our lives?
To dig deeper into what the metaverse will and won't be, Adrian is joined by ...

Will Bitcoin survive China's ban?

Oct 15 • 26:37
This week, Adrian looks at whether China's ban on cryptocurrency will scupper the prospects of Bitcoin, which has been soaring in value in recent years. He is joined by James Nagle, CEO of the Irish cryptocurrency-trading firm, Bitcove. James doesn't think a reciprocal ban is likely in the US or the EU, but says that there are some concerns over the energy consumption that...

Are Facebook's new video-recording glasses creepy?

Oct 8 • 23:46
This week, Adrian is joined by technology journalist Andy O'Donoghue to discuss Facebook's new smart glasses, called Ray-ban Stories. Adrian realtyes his experience using the glasses, which can record 30-second video clips and take photos without people clearly being aware that they are doing so. Andy likes the idea of smart glasses in general and thinks they're here to st...

Why Ireland's cyber security is still a joke

Oct 1 • 27:42
This week, Adrian is joined by Senator Gerard Craughwell and IT security expert Paul C Dwyer to look at whether Ireland's cyber security is up to scratch. Both men say that it is not. Senator Craughwell goes further, describing it as "an absolute joke". Both are also criticial of government ministers who dismissed as 'overblown' the Irish Independent's recent revelation th...

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