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The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria

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The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria is an interview-based show that features conversations with innovative scientists and practitioners in the field of Behavior Analysis. The podcast covers topics such as Autism, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,Read more

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How to Improve Classroom Management with the Good Behavior Game: Session 171 with Jeanne Donaldson

Nov 18 • 01:38:53

If you're a BCBA supporting kids in public school settings, or even if you're a parent who has kids in school, you probably already know that sound classroom management is hard to come by. This phenomenon is perhaps more acute as schools have to contend with the disruptions in continuity imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic....

Inside JABA #9: Applied and Translational Research in Healthcare

Nov 3 • 01:17:52

In the ninth installment of the Inside JABA Series, I'm joined by Drs. Claire St. Peter, Jeff Tiger, and many-time guest Derek Reed. Unfortunately the JABA Editor in Chief, Dr. Linda LeBlanc, was not able to join us, but she did choose some very cool articles for us to talk about. The articles are:...

Making Shift Happen: Session 169, the Vision of Upstate Cerebral Palsy

Oct 25 • 01:29:16

As you'll hear right out of the gate, we started the episode off by attempting to operationally characterize the Boy Band pop music genre. You read that correctly... but, don't worry if you're not a fan of Nsync or 98 Degrees... there's a lot of fantastic insights into the clinical leadership model in this conversation. ...

The 2021 Virginia ABA Panel Discussion: Session 168

Oct 8 • 01:27:48

My friends at the Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis were kind enough to invite me to moderate their panel discussion at their annual conference that took place last April. One of the fun parts of moderating panels like these is being able to share it with the wider Behavioral Observations audience....

Making the ‘Science’ Part of Your Everyday Practice: Session 167 with Jim Moore

Sep 28 • 01:27:03

Dr. Jim Moore returns to Behavioral Observations in this session. And I'm so thankful he had the time to chat, because this episode is jam-packed with great information for practitioners at all experience levels....

Enhancing eSports Performance with Behavior Analysis: Session 166 with James Riswick-Estelle

Sep 15 • 59:07

I'm not a gamer... well, at least not at this stage of my life. But that aside, I really enjoyed this conversation with FIT doctoral student, James Riswick-Estelle....

Applying Behavior Analysis to Football Analytics, Performance Coaching, and Entrepreneurship: Session 165 with Brett Yarris

Sep 2 • 01:20:07

In Session 165, I spoke with Brett Yarris, founder of The Bx Movement and co-founder of the Pro Football Network....

Treating Emerging Problem Behavior with the BALANCE Program: Session 164 with Kelsey Ruppel

Aug 26 • 01:00:20

Earlier this summer I had the chance to chat with Dr. Kelsey Ruppel, who is a Senior Consultant and the Director of Operations at FTF Behavioral Consulting. After I stopped getting tongue-tied in the introduction, we were able to cover a wide variety of topics, including:...

Why Standards Matter in ABA Service Delivery: Session 163 with Sara Litvak and Ellie Kazemi

Aug 10 • 01:00:14

Sara Litvak and Dr. Ellie Kazemi return to the podcast - this time together - to catch us up on what's new with the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, or BHCOE for short....

Inside JABA Series #8: On the Validity of Isolated vs. Synthesized Functional Analysis Methods

Jul 29 • 01:19:22

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