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The Beautifully Broken Podcast

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Would you trade the most painful experience of your life for easier days? What does it mean to be Beautifully Broken? For Freddie Kimmel, cancer, Lyme disease, and toxic mold were priceless experiences which formed the ultimate lens of gratitude to view the world. Life is pain, but putting theRead more

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Season 3 Finally: Are you ready to Lead?

Nov 8 • 28:45

What keeps Freddie busy?
Well, he’s keeping tabs now for the upcoming season, checking out the best topics to share and discuss with everyone. And, he’s into Celsius these days, a safe place to store cryptocurrencies. You may want to check this out! The link is in this note.
[0:00] Freddie’s introduction and recap of what changed in the last 20 weeks!
[2:48] Fred...

The Ultimate Vitamin IV stack with MSW Lounge

Oct 12 • 01:59:00

These two health gurus share their thoughts and beliefs in nutraceuticals and how you can take charge of your health moving forward. Health Lounge provides therapeutic services administered through IV drips. They emphasize how important vitamins are in the body and how we take them affects their efficacy. Through drips, the absorption rate is faster and targeted, making it...

Building Community, Plant medicine, and Cold Exposure. with Robert Bent

Oct 4 • 54:40

Discover the wonders of guided meditation through ice baths, Community, plant medicine, and more...Learn from the master and understand how this process improves "quality of life." Meditate and ease your worries while building meaningful connections and community through Robbie's new Biohacking model coming to a US city near you!...

The Recovered Registered Nurse with Angela Ballard

Sep 20 • 53:39

Angela shares her testimony of how she successfully defeated Lyme Disease despite how it affected her physically and emotionally. She also shares her Ampcoil discovery journey - its support team and the overwhelming help she gets from the Ampcoil Community....

Hair loss and Heartbreak in 1996

Sep 13 • 34:58

Show Notes: Freddie reads a chapter from his book.
Follow along and enjoy this detailed narrative outlining the emotional trauma of hair loss, young love, and grief. ...

Binding Toxins, Bioactive Carbons and CellCore with Dr. Jay Davidson

Sep 6 • 01:21:46

This episode will help you understand how CellCore supports different Chronic disease states and biotoxin illnesses. My top three takeaways from the show are as follows! Number 1: Find out the environmental toxins that are more possibly harmful than heavy metals and why they have to be dealt with in a specific order to achieve balance. Number 2: Discover why reducing toxic...

Fixing a Billion Brains with Dr Patrick Porter

Aug 23 • 01:03:24

This episode focuses on the brain and its unlimiting capacity. Discover the key to better well-being as Patrick shares the explanation behind each brainwave state and how they affect our system, how the energy produced boosts our brain function, and how changing your mindset provides shifts in the body. He will also unpack the capability of frequency, light, and sounds to ...

Spermidine and Extending Lifespan with Don Moxley

Aug 17 • 55:06

This episode focuses on the quality of life extension and vitality as he discusses how Spermidine Life came to be. We’ll delve into how the supplement works in our body Don shares the autophagy process, why spermidine is an essential nutrient, and how it improves our overall system to reprogram and repair....

Ice Baths and Biohacking with Jason and Adrienne

Aug 2 • 47:49

This episode focuses on promoting the idea of cold therapy. Jason and Adrienne will unpack the features and unique details of The Forge Ice Bath which may enhance your physical, emotional, and psychological state. This episode will open your eyes to new ways in optimizing and a hack that has been plastered all over Freddie's Instagram....

Crystal-Phi Technology with Arthur Franklin

Jul 26 • 58:07

This episode focuses on discovering the power of sacred geometry and strengthening your connection with nature. We would explore how these crystal-infused blankets have helped relieve stress, provide relaxation, and have its ability to heal the body. Arthur will also recall his exceptional experiences that deeply connected him in energy and wellness....

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