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The Bate Escape


Curious about Solosexuality? You're definitely in the right place! A podcast dedicated to masturbation, self-love, and Solosexual pride! Hosted by Ren Rodriguez or Beastlybator as he is known in the Bate Community. Ren is a sex and relationship coach trained in the Somatica method working withRead more

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The Bate Escape ft. TennesseeBator

Sep 20 • 55:35

In this episode of The Bate Escape, I have a stimulating conversation with Tennessee Bate King from Twitter.  Listen in as we talk about being POC (People of Color) Bators, the bate community in small vs large cities, and why owning your sexual power is doing it for the culture!...

Bate Bro Chat Ft. Bearwithme94

Aug 10 • 53:56

In this episode of The Bate Escape, I invite my guest @bearwithme94 from Twitter to talk about the Zoom jerk-off parties he hosts, male body positivity, and having the courage to be sexually expressive! ...

Happy bating in your 40s

Jun 22 • 01:00:09
On this episode of The Bate Escape, I talk about becoming a mature Bator and owning your 40s with my special guest, the actor Nathan Tylutki.  We talk about owning your sexual confidence in your 40s, grieving our changing bodies and why practicing your bate is the only way to get better! Check out Wank News at
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Bate Bro Talk with special guest Jason Armstrong

May 25 • 49:04
On this episode of The Bate Escape, I am joined by the dynamic writer Jason Armstrong to discuss his books on Solosexuality.  Listen to our conversation about why being Solosexual is punk-rock and making masturbation a religion.
You can follow Jason on Twitter @wildhorse1001
His books are available on Amazon:
1.  Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator
2.  Getting Off: The Unlik...

Bro Bate Talk with DavidBrooks01

Apr 24 • 54:43
On this episode of The Bate Escape, I have a casual conversation with amateur Bator pornstar DavidBrooks01.  We talk about being sexually open people of color, how the Solo sex works in his marriage, and what online Bator etiquette is, and how to do it. You can follow David on twitter @davidbrooks01 and also at


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Sex talk with bate brother RobertBlackXXX

Mar 23 • 45:57
On this episode of The Bate Escape, I chat with the porn actor and bate brother Mr. RobertBlackXXX about deshaming sex, why intimacy with yourself is important, and how bating on cam can be a tricky thing to do.
Check out all the sexy things Robert is doing:
Twitter: @RobertBlackXXX
Sexual Heroes Podcast:
Newtumbl: robertblack.newtum...

The powers of masturbation with Madredemiel and Sextalkwithkenz!

Mar 9 • 50:46
On this episode of The Bate Escape, I talk with fellow sex coaching classmates about the powers of masturbation!
Follow them on Instagram for more sexy, beautiful sex talk!
Mackenzie's Instagram:  @sextalkwithkenz
Jess's Instagram: @madredemiel
Instagram, Twitter: @beastlybator


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Feb 23 • 34:34
On this episode of The Bate Escape, I answer some Twitter questions from fellow bate brothers and also chat about my latest bate bro session and how when I lowered my expectations, I was able to be more present with my bro and have an amazing bate! 


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Happy Valentine's Day from, Beastlybator, Prettypiggy19 & DamianXXXDragon

Feb 9 • 57:42

On this episode of The Bate Espace, I am joined by the lovely and sexy, Prettypiggy 19 & DamianXXXDragon! Listen in as we talk about boundaries, connection, and deshaming sex!...

I'm back! Filling you in on what's been going on!

Jan 26 • 32:35

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