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WELCOME! to The Basement Binge - 'movies made meaningful' A fun way to think about movies and how they can make us better individuals. And fun, lots and lots of fun! Binging your favorite (and least favorite) series and franchises, while also making time for the independent entries. Also everyRead more

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Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins | Should you see it?

Jul 28 • 41:00

This theater experience was quite unique when Utah decided it was a good time to cause some flooding. Luckily everyone is okay, so let's talk about Snake Eyes. A Film that I was particularly excited about, and that excitement might just be its downfall......

Dune IMAX Event | BTS clips, the first 10 minutes, and the new trailer!!

Jul 22 • 14:54

I can't believe what I just watched!! But wow, October can't come fast enough! ...

Black Widow and How It Was Supposed To Set The Pace For The MCU Phase 4

Jul 14 • 58:14

Black Widow is finally playing in theaters, and I was stoked to get my tickets for opening weekend. But then it took me a few days to properly form that experience into tangible descriptive words. ...

F9: The Fast Saga

Jul 1 • 01:39:09

F9! We made it, this long road has finally led us here, to this crazy movie currently in theaters. So is this a good addition to the Fast Saga? Let's discuss...

The Fate of the Furious | Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 8)

Jun 29 • 01:11:10


Furious 7 | The Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 7)

Jun 26 • 01:30:08

Furious 7! This is the one that makes grown men cry? I am prepared. ...

Fast & Furious 6 | The Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 6)

Jun 26 • 01:21:31

Fast & Furious 6 is one of the films I knew very little about. But I was excited to see where it would go after the great fun with Fast Five. So lets get into this thing. ...

Fast Five | The Road to Fast 9 (The Fast and Furious Saga)

Jun 23 • 01:31:27

Fast Five. This is the one where things get really good? Like not just like dumb good, but actually good? I'm stoked!...

Fast & Furious | The Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 4)

Jun 19 • 50:37

After really enjoying Tokyo Drift, I was looking forward to Fast & Furious 4. Starting to understand the cinematic language of this crazy franchise makes watching them even more enjoyable. It's crazy and absolutely ridiculous, but this Fast Family is really starting to be just that - a family. ...

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift | Road to Fast 9 (The Fast Saga 3)

Jun 18 • 01:03:29

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Christopher Nolan's favorite? Is it worth that level of love. Well, I'm once again joined by Matt and Rob from Matt Goes to the Movies to discuss if it is. (spoilers - it is)...

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