The Barbells and Burgers Podcast

Shane Hubbard

"health & fitness"
The Barbell's and Burgers Podcast is all about brining you the science based principles of nutrition, fitness, and weight loss while also making it relatable to your own life so you can get the most optimal and sustainable results possible!
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Best Episodes

58: Unf*ck Yourself and Get Sh*t Done

Jan 11, 2021

" Different workout plans for different time commitments"




. Don't forget to rate and comment on the podcast before you go! . The Simple 60 Challenge . Free Fat Loss Calculator . . Link to My YouTube Channel . Let’s Connect on SocialRead more

21: What to Do If You Are Always Hungry, Commitment Over Motivation, Tracking Food the Easy Way

May 28, 2020

"How to Stop Being Hungry During A Weight Loss Diet"


The Metabolic Reset Program Website FREE Fat Loss Calculator SocialRead more

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