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The Bag System - Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Melissa aims to demonstrate that Dissociative Identity Disorder isn’t all a tragedy and that there can be a fondness for Headmates. What was once known as Multiple Personality Disorder is the most controversial mental health diagnosis, with even some of those within the field of psychology findingRead more

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John Q Got IQ, While I Got No Clue - Headmates with Different Abilities

Oct 2 • 18:12

Headmates That Are Not Alters: Inner World & NPC‘s

Sep 25 • 08:59

I Am The Astronaut; Not A Broken Mistake

Sep 3 • 09:38

Trailer - The Bag System

Aug 1 • 01:56

DID Equates to Psychopathy? - Protection of a Persecutor Alter

Jul 21 • 12:44

Mark Of Exclamation - Down The Dissociation Highway

Jul 5 • 24:46

Melissa speaks with Tonya and Jaime about a confusing trip to New Jersey; prior to the Dissociative Identity Disorder diagnosis. What happened during that weekend, and what did everyone think was going on? Extreme happiness, euphoria, and a sudden high IQ are looked back on; finally, with answers.

He Suspected Our DID - Interview With Brother Chriss

Jun 7 • 23:56

Signs, Symptoms & Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Jun 4 • 20:57

Accessing Our Inner World, Communicating & Hugging a Headmate

May 18 • 15:27

Melissa reaches out to The Bag System and receives cold silence, while other times, feels carried away in a storm of overwhelming dissociative conversations. Discover The Bag System’s inner world and the revealing complexities that it raises. Listen to audio clips of Headmates interacting. The intricacies of this Dissociative Identity disorder system are reaching out to ea...

When I am We, or They are Them - We Bend, but We Mend

Mar 22 • 16:53

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