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Games media writers Matthew Castle (NGamer, Rock Paper Shotgun) and Samuel Roberts (PC Gamer, gamesTM, TechRadar) talk about video games and their years covering them professionally. Our logo is by John Strike.

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Episode 53: The Xbox vs GameCube Draft

Nov 26 • 02:08:12

Who can build the best hypothetical mini console, Matthew, representing GameCube, or Samuel, representing the original Xbox? As both consoles have turned 20 years old, in this episode we'll revisit the libraries of each in a competitive format. Vote for the winner on the pinned tweet @BackPagePod. We'll update this description with the winner at a later date.

This week's mu...

Episode 52: The Best Games of 2011 (except Dark Souls)

Nov 19 • 03:07:00

The latest in our series of flashback episodes focuses on a year that brought us Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Matthew and Samuel each pick their 10 favourite games from 2011, and throw in a whole host of honourable mentions. 

This episode's music is from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim soundtrack, the Pullblox soundtrack by Shoh Murakami a...

Episode 51: Metal Gear Solid 2 Turns 20 (with Rich Stanton)

Nov 12 • 02:09:22

Episode 50: How Games Magazines Get Made

Nov 5 • 01:58:24

In our episode 50 special, Matthew and Samuel talk through the entire process of making a games magazine from start to finish, including 15 things that can go wrong. Plus: our thoughts on the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, early GOTY chatter and much more.  

This week's music is from the Apex Legends soundtrack by Stephen Barton, the Metroid Dread soundtrack by Kenji Yamam...

Episode 49: 15 Horror Games We Love (with Louise Blain)

Oct 29 • 01:52:37

Episode 48: Grand Theft Auto 3 Turns 20 (with Steve Burns)

Oct 22 • 01:34:13

Episode 47: What Would Batman Do? (with Tamoor Hussain)

Oct 15 • 01:26:05

Episode 46: Bad eBay Games Court – Listener Edition

Oct 8 • 01:36:42

Judge Matthew Castle puts 16 of our listeners on trial for bad secondhand games purchases, and public defence attorney Samuel Roberts has been assigned to defend them. Who will live and who will die? Plus, hear about our favourite arcade games in this week's episode. 

This week's music is from The Testament of Sherlock Holmes soundtrack by Alexandre Dudko and the Metroid: O...

Episode 45: From GBA Reviews to The New Yorker (with Simon Parkin)

Oct 1 • 01:50:48

Our guest this week is journalist and author Simon Parkin. Hear how Simon broke the news of Hideo Kojima's departure from Konami, among many other fascinating industry stories, and learn how he turned reviewing GBA games into a career writing for The New Yorker.

This week's music is from the Gunstar Heroes soundtrack by Norio Hanzawa, the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack by Nob...

Episode 44: The N64 Mini Draft

Sep 24 • 02:07:07

To mark the 25th anniversary of the N64's release in North America, Matthew and Samuel each compete to pick the 10 best games on the system for a hypothetical N64 Mini console. After you've heard our selections, you can vote for the winner @BackPagePod on Twitter until the end of September. Note that this episode was recorded before Nintendo confirmed N64 games were coming...

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