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The Audacity to Podcast

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Giving you the guts and teaching you the tools to start and grow your own podcast for passion or PROFIT!

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Premium Subscriptions and More Coming to Apple Podcasts

Apr 21 • 01:06:32

In Apple's live-streamed presentation on April 20, 2021, they announced several new products and offerings. But in only a couple minutes, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned Apple Podcasts with announcements that will affect the whole industry....

7 Ways to Improve Your Podcast and Promotion with Jarvis AI

Mar 28 • 37:56

Do you want to improve the content on your podcast? Jarvis (also known as “Conversion AI”) can help! It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate blog post ideas, headlines, phrases, captions for images, and more....

Labeling Podcasters: Amateur vs. Skilled

May 26 • 31:55

How serious are you about improving and growing your podcast?...

Labeling Podcasters: Independent vs. Corporate

May 19 • 29:54

Who has the final say for your podcast?...

Labeling Podcasters: Hobbyist vs. Professional

May 12 • 26:53

Do you podcast for the fun or art of it, or to build a business?...

7 Kinds of Podcast Images for Marketing and Branding

May 5 • 41:48

Even though podcasting is usually an audio-only experience, attractive images can enhance your podcast branding and help you promote your podcast better! Here are suggestions to consider for podcast-level and episode-level images. ...

Are There Too Many Podcasts?

Apr 28 • 30:38

On Friday, April 17, 2020, Apple Podcasts surpassed 1 million valid podcasts in their catalog. So have we reached “peak podcast”? Is it too late to start a podcast? Will your podcast only be lost in the sea of over 1 million other podcasts?...

Why We Retired Our Podcast Network

Apr 21 • 38:10

Did you know I once directed a podcast network? I retired it in spring 2019, and here are some lesson I hope can help you....

How to Transfer Recordings Faster from the RØDECaster Pro

Apr 14 • 23:29

The RØDECaster Pro is my new favorite piece of podcasting gear! I'll have a thorough review soon. In the meantime, here are some tips to help with one of the biggest complaints I've heard about the RØDECaster Pro....

Overcoming Perfectionism in Podcasting

Apr 7 • 45:23

I have a confession: I'm a perfectionist, at least to some level. (That I want to define my level of perfectionism—or “professionalism,” as I prefer to call it—only confirms I am, indeed, in the perfectionist spectrum.) As might be obvious, this gets meta because I know I can't title this episode “How to Overcome Perfectionism” since I haven't overcome it myself!...

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