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The Astral Hustle

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Find out how to live better, with less suffering, and more awareness. Join Cory Allen—author, meditation teacher, and music producer—as he asks leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, music, and philosophy to share their wisdom.

Popular episodes

East Forest

Nov 22 • 01:02:31

East Forest is a musician and podcaster. In this episode, we talk about his incredible ceremony-style performances, cultivating mental strength, and the creation of his album Possible....

Jon Hopkins

Nov 15 • 01:08:23

Jon Hopkins is a British musician and producer. In this episode, we talk about his shift away from beat-based music, taking guidance from deep within, and his new album Music For Psychedelic Therapy....

Alexandra Elle

Nov 8 • 53:37

Alexandra Elle is an author, healing facilitator, and breathwork coach. In this episode, we talk about facing change with courage, setting boundaries, and how to stock your selfcare toolkit....

Paul Bloom

Nov 1 • 46:37

Paul Bloom is a psychology professor at Yale University and bestselling author. In this episode, we talk about the human quest for pleasure and why suffering may be the path to a more meaningful life....

Dr. Amishi Jha

Oct 25 • 59:14

Dr. Amishi Jha is a neuroscientist and professor of psychology. In this episode, we talk about the science of attention and memory, and how we can harness their full power with cognitive techniques....

Michael Phillip

Oct 18 • 01:17:23

Michael Phillip is host of the Third Eye Drops podcast. In this episode, we talk about how science proving or disproving an afterlife might affect human morality, psychology, and individual well-being....

Sidarta Ribeiro

Oct 11 • 55:59

Sidarta Ribeiro is a neuroscientist and author. In this episode, we talk about why we dream, what happens in the brain while dreaming, and the psychological role dreams play in our waking lives....

Neil Shubin

Oct 4 • 52:53

Neil Shubin is an Evolutionary Biologist and author. In this episode, we talk about the history of human evolution, the rapid growth of human brains, and how technology could alter our biological future....

Ramin Nazer

Sep 27 • 01:13:03

Ramin Nazer is an artist, podcast host, and comedian. In this episode, we talk about creativity in the age of algorithms, shedding layers of personal identity, and how serious most animals seem....

Eric Zimmer

Sep 20 • 58:43

Eric Zimmer is host of The One You Feed. In this episode, we talk about integrating powerful insights, seeing below the layers of Self in meditation, and his new Spiritual Habits program....

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