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The Art of Pastoring


Many of the struggles of pastoral ministry go unseen. Along with the joys of serving our churches come the challenges of conflict, fear, and criticism. In the midst of these, pastors care for souls, preach the Word, and attempt to live healthy lives with our families and friends.On The Art ofRead more

Popular episodes

You Ask, We Answer

Jun 15 • 39:36

On this episode of The Art of Pastoring, Ronnie Martin and Jared Wilson take listener questions about the pastoring life, including:How does a pastor know when it’s time to move on?...

Shepherds on the Socials

Jun 7 • 37:24

Social media provides pastors with an opportunity to speak to those inside and outside their congregations far more often than a Sunday morning sermon. Depending on the climate of Twitter or Facebook, that increase in available airtime can feel like a blessing or a curse. What is a pastor’s calling in the face of a blinking cursor and updated feed?...

Finding Friendship

Apr 5 • 37:01

Being a pastor can make it hard to maintain close friendships. It’s difficult to be both a friend and minister, especially in seasons when reproof or connection may be necessary. But community and friendships are vital for those in leadership. So what’s the answer? ...

Ministry in the Face of Fear

Mar 29 • 30:18

Struggling to answer someone’s theological question about grief or pain....

Pastoral Passages

Mar 15 • 34:21

As pastors preach the whole of Scripture, specific portions often become personal favorites. These treasured verses may speak to the life of the pastor, provide encouragement, or offer refreshment to tired ministers....

Prioritizing Prayer

Mar 8 • 33:13

Reading and studying often feel productive, efficient, and purposeful. But prayer? Though we may feel guilty for thinking it—not so much....

When Pain Enters The Pulpit

Mar 2 • 28:28

Nobody wants to talk about grief. At least, not until it invades our lives and we feel like not talking about it might crush us....

One of These Types Is Not Like the Other

Feb 22 • 29:38

It’s easy to reduce personality types to tropes: extroverts are always ready to entertain and introverts hate socializing, for example. But the truth of personalities, and how they reveal themselves in each individual, is much more textured than that....

Stewarding the Study

Feb 15 • 31:31

The idea that pastors are paid to pray, study, and even think can feel a little out of touch with our hyper-productive culture. The tyranny of the urgent can leave pastors wondering what it really means to serve their congregations, and if hours of meditating on Scripture should make the cut....

How Marriage Fits into Ministry (and Vice Versa)

Feb 8 • 33:07

When the phone may ring at any moment, a congregant’s heartbroken voice on the other end, pastors and their families can find themselves living on high alert. Perhaps without even realizing it at first, some ministry marriages end up struggling for space to breathe, rest, and focus....

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