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The Art of Accomplishment

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Welcome to the Art of Accomplishment, where we explore a way of communicating and building connection in business, personal and internal life.

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Carla Piñeyro Sublett on Finding Compassion in Self-Indulgence

Dec 3 • 39:27

In Episode 35, Brett interviews Carla Piñeyro Sublett, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of IBM on a heart-opening experience that radically altered the dynamic of her business and personal relationships. Carla came from a mindset that doing self work was self-indulgent. Stemming from that belief, she took on the role of being a manager of herself, her emot...

What is Selfishness?

Nov 19 • 25:19

Much of the work that we do in this podcast centers around defining our needs and desires — living into our own self interest, while loving it and trusting it as good. This can conflict with some of the programming that we have gotten from parents and society, which tells us that we should strive for selflessness and avoid selfishness. But what if self interest has the pow...

Stacy Brown-Philpot on Reclaiming Abandonment

Nov 12 • 36:32

Brett and Joe interview Stacy Brown-Philpot, former CEO of Task Rabbit and founding member of the Softbank Opportunity Fund, on her journey through childhood abandonment to self discovery. Stacy identified that by choosing the path of self-exploration, she was able to feel through difficult emotions of fear and anger to find deeper love and joy. We will learn how her willi...

The Wisdom of Anger: Part II - Emotion Series #4

Oct 29 • 36:39

The Wisdom of Anger: Part I - Emotion Series #3

Oct 22 • 28:43

It may be that the most misunderstood and hated emotion in our society is anger. At some point in probably everyone’s lives, words spoken out of anger have cut us deep to the bone. Actions taken from a place of rage have broken relationships, door hinges and have turned families and societies against themselves. But where would we be without our anger and how can anger poi...

Ant Taylor on Embracing Emotions

Oct 15 • 43:54

Brett interviews Ant Taylor, founder and CEO of Lyte, on a profound self-reflection that changed his life and business. Ant discovered that shifting from living largely in his head to operating from a more intuitive and embodied space allows him to tap into the wisdom of his emotions. We will learn more about how he now embraces the ebb and flow of emotional intensity, res...

Embracing Intensity - Emotion Series #2

Oct 8 • 23:53

There are emotions inside all of us that can sometimes be difficult to fully feel — anger, sadness, fear and even joy often have an intensity that causes us to brace ourselves against them. What if instead of running away from a feeling, we leaned into it? How would it change our experience to turn towards the thing giving us discomfort, asking us to expand in some way? In...

Stages of Emotional Development - Emotion Series #1

Sep 24 • 29:54

Welcoming Fear

Sep 10 • 38:29

Group Cohesion vs. Cult Dynamics

Aug 27 • 23:22

The essence of a cult dictates that you hand over your power to someone else, which is the antithesis of the VIEW mindset. Is there a way to retain autonomy and have individual needs met while also deeply contributing to the needs of a group? In this episode, Brett and Joe unpack the differences between cult dynamics and group cohesion....

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