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The Archetypal Tarot Podcast explores the universal human patterns of the archetypes of the Tarot uncovering provacative mythology for the 21st century

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The Wandering Star Tarot with Cat Pierce

Dec 1 • 49:24
For our latest installment of star Tarot deck makers, we’re thrilled to share this interview with artist-extraordinaire Cat Pierce! Known for her successful contributions in psychedelic indie music, she has recently turned her artistic expressions towards her own version of the classic Tarot. The Wandering Star Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck acting like a compass ...

The Tarot of Curious Creatures with Chris-Anne

Oct 30 • 49:43
We are over-the-moon excited to share our conversation with deck creator, artist and magic maker Chris-Anne.  You might know her from her wildly cool The Lightseer’s Tarot. In this episode we discuss her brand new deck: The Tarot of Curious Creatures.  With their illuminating conversations and grounded wisdom, the curious and quirky characters in this 78 (+1) deck are a st...

Under The Witches Hat with Author Marieke Lexmond

Oct 4 • 46:04

This episode Cyndera interviews writer and film maker Marieke Lexmond about her writing of the Madigan Chronicles with the use of the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. Throughout this interview, the influences of nature, magic and archetypes pervade and are revealed through the creative writing process. We'll hear a selection from Marieke's first book, The Dagger and dis...

10 Years of Archetypal Tarot!

Sep 1 • 29:01
Today marks our 10 year anniversary of podcasting! From the Fool to the World and back, Story Through Stone founder and teacher Cyndera Quakenbush and Archetypal Consultant, Julienne Givot have been dishing out thoughts, ideas, interviews and wise cracks about the Tarot, archetypes and provocative mythology for the 21st century for a decade.  This episode is a rare opportu...

Ancestral Tarot with Nancy Hendrickson

May 25 • 58:55

Can you connect to your ancestors using the Tarot?  Answer:  YES...

Archetypal Fairytales

Apr 21 • 36:02

This episode We delve into the world of archetypal fairytales inspired by Cyndera’s recent acquisition of volume one of Jungian scholar Marie Louise Von Franz’s Archetypal symbols in Fairytales: The Profane and Magical Worlds and Julienne mostly fails a Tarot quiz.  She's hoping for a chance to redeem myself but until then we hope you enjoy our banter about the power of ar...

Deja Vu - The Hierophant

Feb 12 • 30:16
It’s the year of the Hierophant - by calculation as well as last months guidance reading for 2021.  SO much Pope and a whole year to work with it. ;-) Both Cyndera and Julienne are in the process of moving, so this month we offer you a replay of our original episode on the Hierophant from 9 years ago! (January 2012)
We hope you enjoy this vintage episode and we’ll be back...

Focus Cards for 2021

Jan 11 • 44:54
Aloha!  It’s time for our annual new year card draw.  Cyndera and I got together on Zoom the Morning of January 1st 2021 and drew three focus cards for the new year.  One major arcana card, one Hawaiian Mana card and this year we added one of Cyndera’s Story Through Stone Card.
Episode sponsored by:  Free Range Priestess unconventional rosaries & prayer beads on Etsy . Po...

Rebellion Rosaries and Reclaiming the Goddess

Nov 22 • 36:18
2020 has been full of surprises most of them frankly not so much fun and some devastating but a few have been beautiful.  This episode is a discussion about a deeply feminist practice hidden inside the patriarchy.  

Recommended Resources:
Free range rosaries & prayer beads by Julienne
More beautiful and sacred beads: Aloha Rosa...

Kitchen Table Magic with Melissa Cynova

Oct 27 • 01:03:40

We are getting all kinds of Witchy this October episode - we’re excited to share this conversation with Tarot bad @ss Melissa Cynova.   🕯️ Melissa is an award winning author and tarot reader from St. Louis, MO. Her latest book, Kitchen Table Magic is out now. We talk magic, the archetype of the witch, grief, toxic positivity and pumpkin spice lattes - there is more to the...

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