If you could call a number and say you’re sorry, and no one would know…what would you apologize for? For fifteen years, you could call a number in Manhattan and do just that. This is the story of the line, and the man at the other end who became consumed by his own creation. He was known as “Mr.Read more

Popular episodes

Introducing The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra

Jul 27 • 08:43

Hosted and narrated by John Stamos, The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra is a complicated, nuanced story of one imperfect man trying to redeem himself by pulling off the perfect crime. Did you ever feel like everything’s broken, and it’s your job to fix it? That’s how Barry Keenan was feeling back in 1963. He was broke, unemployed, hooked on booze and pills, and his family ...

Step into the minds of killers...

Jul 13 • 07:08

When a shocking crime occurs, people ask “WHY?” Was it about power, ego, or revenge? On KILLER PSYCHE, former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong draws on her decades of experience to reveal why these murderers and criminals committed these acts. She will reveal fascinating new details about what drove these people, including cases she worked on first-hand....

Introducing: One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis

Jun 23 • 05:21

One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis is a little bit of a masterclass, a cocktail party and a Sunday drive all wrapped up into 30 minutes with an audience invited to listen in. Marcus values family, community, character and ethics and helps small business owners who need his guidance and investment. His process is very personal and provides valuable insight through his ...

Wondery Presents: The Vaping Fix

May 18 • 06:27

Two young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs set out to rid the world of smoking with an incredible new product. The device stands to disrupt the tobacco industry and make them rich, until it falls into the wrong hands and lives are ruined. From classrooms to hospitals, boardrooms to the Oval Office, what can be done to protect teenagers and is it too late? From Laura Beil, the ...

And The Calls Live On | 7

Feb 23 • 35:34

Marissa talks to long time callers and listeners about the making of Apology Line then and now and what the making of this series has meant to her. ...

Strawberry Fields Forever | 6

Feb 16 • 31:49

Allan’s death is like an atomic bomb going off in Marissa’s life. She’s left to make sense of his life, and his life’s work. And twenty-five years later, Marissa learns the truth about what happened to Richie....

Mrs. Apology | 5

Feb 9 • 40:11

With Richie gone from his life, Allan must reinvent himself and the Line. The community around the Line grows, while being married to Mr Apology becomes ever more challenging....

To Catch A Serial Killer | 4

Feb 2 • 34:54

Richie is back and Allan is in over his head this time. Help comes in the form of Detective Ray Pierce. Together they devise a plan to find out who Richie really is....

Your Dungeon or Mine? | 3

Jan 26 • 38:13

Richie details his murders and answers Allan’s many questions on the Line. Allan wants to keep Richie talking. He wants to use the Apology Line as a space to reform and study violent criminals. But will Allan’s efforts be enough?...

Going Public | 2

Jan 19 • 34:19

Even as Allan reckons with a frightening threat, he continues to engage with callers in ways he hadn’t previously imagined. A regular cast of characters forms on the Line. From this sea of voices one caller named “Richie” emerges and pulls Allan in even deeper, much to Marissa’s dismay.  ...

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