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Anthony Gargano is Philly’s favorite ‘everyman.’ He brings on the passion, enthusiasm and the heart of every Philadelphia sports fan! Get it on demand.

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The Anthony Gargano Show 7-27-2021

Jul 27 • 03:01:35

Anthony opens up the show reacting to the Phillies win on a walk off home run by Andrew McCutchen, and he takes the bro to task for backing out of being sacrificed to the sports gods (0:00:00-0:23:04). Then he gets to the phones, where he talks to the callers about the Phillies, and how disappointed we all are in Jamie for not keeping to his word (0:23:16-0:45:56). Later h...

Zach Berman Gives Some Insight Into Nick Sirianni

Jul 27 • 20:12

The Anthony Gargano Show 7-26-2021

Jul 26 • 03:01:02

Today on The Anthony Gargano Show, there’s a headphone thief at the station and Ant wants to get to the bottom of it. He also has a gut feeling when it comes to the Eagles and Deshaun Watson (0:00-44:13). Anthony reacts to the news that Texas and Oklahoma may be eyeing to join the SEC. The guys also react to a story in New York involving an unusual Airbnb experience (44:13...

Cam Atkinson Joins The Anthony Gargano Show 7-26-2021

Jul 26 • 11:12

The Anthony Gargano Show 7-23-2021

Jul 23 • 03:01:12

Anthony is holding on for dear life as he keeps spilling his gin & tonic all over the bar car of the Choonis Train. With the Phils losing three in a row now, how on Earth does the Choonis Train remain on the tracks? (0:00-24:00) Is there any possibility that the Eagles will win as few as 3 games this coming season? (24:00-44:42) Andrew calls violation on fellow pedestrians...

Jim Salisbury discusses the Phillies and the Trade Deadline with Anthony Gargano 7-23-2021

Jul 23 • 17:25

The Anthony Gargano Show 7-22-2021

Jul 22 • 02:58:40

Anthony opens up about how the Phillies need Aaron Nola to get out of the funk he’s in, and start to play at least like a #2 guy as opposed to a #5. (0:00-23:36) Anthony starts to take your calls (23:36-48:04) Someone calls in and says that we as Philly fans have to stop running our star athletes out of town and just accept them for who they are despite their shortcomings ...

The Trial of Anthony R. Gargano

Jul 22 • 25:10

The Anthony Gargano Show 7-21-2021

Jul 21 • 02:59:50

Anthony goes on a tirade about Ben Simmons, who just had to show off on his birthday working “in the lab” even though 99% of the free world works on their birthday (0:00-20:21) Andrew gives some shocking numbers about what seems to be another failed athlete in Philadelphia, in Aaron Nola (20:21-43:25) Anthony takes your calls and you are also sick of Ben Simmons posting ab...

The Anthony Gargano Show 7-20-2021

Jul 20 • 03:01:35

Anthony is excited for a potential turnaround in Philadelphia Sports, and even if this Eagles season doesn’t go particularly well, it can’t get much worse than last year (0:00-21:31) Operation Save Dame has fully commenced (21:31-44:58) Anthony takes your calls and you have a chance to win some Fan Fest tickets (44:58-66:10) Newest Flyer Ryan Ellis joins the show on the Co...

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