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Attend any conference for any topic and you will hear people saying after that the best and most informative discussions happened in the bar after the show. Read any business magazine and you will find an article saying something along the lines of "Business Analytics is the hottest job categoryRead more

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#181: Qualitative + Quantitative = A Meet Cute for the Ages with Jenni Bruckman

Nov 30 • 01:03:24

It's a podcast episode. That's WHAT it is. But… WHY should you listen to it? Exactly. Or, perhaps, that's exactly WHY! Are you confused? You won't be after checking out our discussion with Jenni Bruckman about the vast and varied world of qualitative research and how it is the perfect partner to quantitative data. Give it a listen, and then let us know WHY you did and WHAT...

#180: Media Mix Modeling - Does It Deserve at Least a Third of Our Love?

Nov 16 • 01:01:09

Hey there, mister. That's a mighty nice multi-touch attribution model you're using there. It would be a shame to see it get mixed up with a media model. Or... would it? What happens if you think about media mix models as a tool that can be combined with experimentation to responsibly measure the incrementality of your marketing (while also still finding a crust of bread in...

#179: Teaching Data Nerds How to Work with... People with James Hayes

Nov 2 • 01:04:57

What does neuroscience have to do with the work of the analyst? It turns out that neuroplasticity is to the modern analyst what plastics were to Benjamin Braddock, and it all comes down to Hebb's Law. Or, put another way, successfully working with peers and stakeholders can take some focused effort, some feedback, and some practice, and that's what "coach" James Hayes join...

#178: The Modern Dashboard Dilemma

Oct 19 • 01:17:51
One of our KPIs for the show is to keep the Topic Repeat Rate (TRR) below 1.2%. From carefully monitoring our show dashboard, we had an actionable insight: we could finally revisit episode #002. Conveniently, the topic of that show was dashboards, which explains the self-referential stemwinder of a description of this episode. That show was "a long, long time ago. We can s...

#177: Design Thinking, Empathy, and the Analyst with Hilary Parker

Oct 5 • 01:18:17

What is a system without empathy? What is a show summary without an attempt to overly distill the discussion to the point of sounding like nonsense? On this episode, Hilary Parker (who you may know from the Not So Standard Deviations podcast or elsewhere) joined us to discuss what we can learn from the design process (as in: actual designers) when it comes to analytics and...

#176: Analytics on the High Seas: Data at the Helm of an Aircraft Carrier with Capt. Paul Lanzilotta

Sep 21 • 01:09:56

Stop for a minute and think about the highest stakes campaign or test you've ever run. Were you nervous? Now, instead, imagine that you're on an aircraft carrier with a few thousand people on board whose safety you are responsible for, and your team is about to watch 40,000 tons of ordnance detonate (in an environmentally friendly way) right next to the ship... so you can ...

#175: Searching to Be a Better Analyst with Wil Reynolds

Sep 7 • 01:07:36

As analysts, it can be easy to get so focused on the data that we lose sight of the imperative that we answer meaningful questions (aka: validating relevant hypotheses). On this episode, we sat down with Wil Reynolds, co-founder and accidental lead generator for SEER Interactive, for a discussion that turned out to be about curiosity and the power of trying to prove yourse...

#174: Who Sits Where and Why and How...with the Data?

Aug 24 • 01:05:10

Have you ever worked in a large organization where the data team(s) are perfectly structured to deliver efficient, harmonious, and meaningful results to the business with 'nary a gap nor a redundancy? If you answered "yes," then we'll go ahead and report you to HR for being a LIAR! From high growth startups to staid enterprises, figuring out how to organize the data and da...

#173: Finding (Baseball) Diamonds in the Analytical Rough with Ben Lindbergh

Aug 10 • 01:15:45

Have you ever thought, "you know, it would be interesting to take my analytical knowledge and just totally run an organization based on what the data says?" Yeah. Us, either. That's terrifying! But, that's exactly what our guest on this episode did. Ben Lindbergh, along with his stathead-in-crime (aka, co-author) Sam Miller, took over the management of a minor league base...

#172: Data Translator? How About a Data Detective? with Tim Harford

Jul 27 • 01:04:35

Data is everywhere and it's simply not going away. Plenty of people do seem to ignore it to their peril, but if we are trying to make sense of the world, making good sense of data is absolutely critical. In business we call it data literacy, and, truthfully, it is a mandatory skill set for almost anyone. Data and understanding data might have a set of rules, and it seems l...

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