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Fascinating Conversations with People From the World of Financial Markets. In this series, we delve into the lives and stories of extraordinary guests whose experiences give us a fresh and powerful lens through which to understand the mental, emotional, psychological and behavioural challengesRead more

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Richard Matthews - 5 Decades of Invaluable Market Experience and Lessons Learned

Dec 1 • 01:07:41

Whilst the reality is that we all have to learn by our own experiences, we can fast-track that learning by hearing of the experiences of others and making adaptions to how we work quicker than would, by recognizing their experiences in ourselves. In this episode we chat with Richard Matthews, a near 50-year veteran of the markets, who has some great experiences to share. ...

True Grit: Dr Doug Mackaman and Dr Paul Stolz on Grit and Adversity as the Bedrock of Success

Nov 16 • 01:00:05

True Grit: Dr Doug Mackaman and Dr Paul Stolz on Grit and Adversity as the Bedrock of Success...

Blake Morrow: From US Marine to Retail & Prop Trader

Oct 26 • 59:19

Blake Morrow has been a retail trader and a prop trader for over 2 decades. He also runs a Trading community, provides market commentary and detailed analysis for retail traders. He also co-founded Forex Analytix, which provides commentary and market analysis for retail traders working in the Foreign Exchange markets, as well in others market sectors including crypto and s...

Brent Donnelly: Alpha Trader - The Mindset, Methodology and Mathematics of Professional Trading

Oct 5 • 01:22:16

Brent Donnelly has been in and around trading for close to 3 decades and has held major trading roles at investment banks and hedge funds with a strong emphasis on the FX and Global Macro, where he has been involved in both market-making and proprietary roles. ...

Dr Van Tharp: Avoiding a Victim Mentality in Trading.

Sep 14 • 01:03:35

Narrative for Website...

3 Key Guiding Principles for Trading, Business and Life.

Aug 18 • 54:59

In this episode Steven and Mark focus on what they consider as three key guiding principles which are vital for success in business, in life, and of course in trading and financial markets. ...

Steve Ward & Simon Coterill: The Power of Trader Journaling.

Jul 26 • 01:12:51

Journaling is one of the most useful activities a trader can engage in to help them become better traders, power their development, and help them refine their trading practice. However, it is also one of those activities that people think is a great idea but is something they think they’ll do another day, or they do a half-hearted effort. The exceptions are usually ‘except...

Jonathan Baird: Award Winning Money Manager – ‘I Have Seen the Enemy and He Is Us’.

Jul 13 • 01:10:17

Successful trading and investment has never been an easy task, with only very few able to encounter and navigate the turbulent waters of financial markets and remain standing nearly 4 decades later. This week’s guest is one of those few. ...

Jason Shapiro – Through Trader Hell and Back, to Market Wizard.

Jun 29 • 01:22:36

30 years of trading success brought Jason Shapiro to the attention of Jack Schwager, who was looking for new interview subjects for the latest instalment of his brilliant series of Market Wizards books ‘Unknown Market Wizard’. Shapiro’s chapter in the book is called ‘The Contrarian’, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about his approach and style. ...

Adam Sorab: Technical Analysis - Far more than merely a tool used for analysing market price action.

Jun 15 • 01:00:49

Many people new to trading, and even many veterans, have a very limited view of Technical Analysis. They often see it as merely a tool used for analysing market price action, or may hold beliefs which may lead them to be sceptical or even cynical about its usefulness or validity. Yet,  technical analysis is far more than merely a tool for analysing the market price action,...

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