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Up To Date Stock Market & Investing Insights From the Industries Top Market Technicians

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Charts, Baseball & Being Nice w/ John Roque

Nov 26 • 50:33

In this podcast episode I sit down with one of my favorite technicians of all-time – John Roque. This is one of those people who influenced my thinking very early on. The combination of his simplicity along with sports analogies to describe market behavior made me a huge fan of his right away. This was about 15 years a...

Pardon The Price Action w/ JC Parets & Steve Strazza | Fails Or Retests

Nov 24 • 13:46

On this episode of Pardon The Price Action, we talk about whether these are all retests or failed breakouts.

That’s the big question.

With Oil testing 76, Financials and Industrials retesting former highs, small-caps and even Bitcoin near critical levels, we want to know if this is just a paus...

The Seasonality Episode w/ Jeff Hirsch, Author of the Stock Trader’s Almanac

Nov 16 • 31:35

As we make our way through the earlier stages of the most bullish time of the year, who better to talk to than Jeff Hirsch, Author of the annual Stock Trader’s Almanac.

When it comes to Technical Analysis, what we’re doing is analyzing the behavior of the market, and therefore market par...

The Evolution Of Becoming A Technician w/ Brian G @alphacharts

Oct 6 • 44:38

On this episode of the podcast, Steve Strazza and I sit down with Brian G, who many of you will recognize as @AlphaCharts on Twitter.

I’ve been following Brian for many years and love a lot of the work he puts out. It was really fun hearing his story about how he became a technician.

It isn’t something...

Momentum, Breadth & Seasonality w/ Ed Clissold, Chief U.S. Strategist at Ned David Research

Sep 1 • 47:35

On this episode of the podcast, I sit down with Ed Clissold, Chief U.S. Strategist at Ned Davis Research.

I’ve been a big fan of Ed’s work for a long time, not to mention Ned Davis is one of my personal heroes.

The work they do over there has been inspiring to me throughout...

Why Does Fibonacci Work?

Aug 20 • 34:14

You guys know that I use Fibonacci levels to help us identify targets and manage risk.

And you’ve all seen it work, with your own eyes, for many years. I have too, of course, as one of the gang here calculating these levels every day.

But I’ve never quite understood WHY it works.

How come these numbers keep showing up all over Nature. Why d...

Talking About Humans w/ David Keller

Aug 5 • 45:47

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I sit down with David Keller to talk about all things behavioral finance. David is one of my favorite guys to talk to about the subject, so I reached out to him and said, “Dave, come on the pod and let’s talk about humans”.

He happily agreed and so we hit the ground running talking about ...

Two Technicians Talking Charts w/ Ian McMillan

Jun 26 • 31:42

In this podcast episode I sit down with Ian McMillan to talk charts and answer the question: Why Technical Analysis?

Ian makes some good points about Financial Advisors who “buy and hold”, that you can often find at the golf course. He’s always striving to be the opposite of that.

When it comes to the market, we dive ...

Fixed Income, Commodities & Currencies | My Conversation w/ Paul Ciana, CMT Bank of America Merrill Lynch

May 11 • 01:02:58

This is a fun one. I got to sit down with Paul Ciana to talk about all things Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies. Paul is now the Chief Global FICC Technical Strategist and Director of Research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. But in the early days, him and...

DeFi & Technical Analysis | My Conversation w/ Jim Bianco, CMT

May 6 • 01:07:04

The DeFi Revolution is upon us, at least according to Jim Bianco. For many years, I’ve looked up to Jim and the work he’s been doing at Bianco Research and, in fact, he’s the one who first inspired me to rip through hundreds of charts during my live presentations in order to get my points across. It ...

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