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The ALL-IN Podcast gives you a new perspective on the dental industry. We bring you the top Key Opinion Leaders, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Clinicians, Professionals and Educators from inside and outside the dental industry. Your hosts, Shane McElroy and Blake McClellan, entertain and educate,Read more

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Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable Situations - Shane McElroy

Oct 21 • 25:49

In Episode 79 of The All-In Podcast, your host Shane McElroy (@implantmba) shares his thoughts on dealing with uncomfortable situations, as a leader.  People can be difficult, telling someone they are not doing a good job is difficult, dealing with office politics can be difficult.  But, dealing with these people and problems head on is how you grow and become better.  If ...

Attention Driven Marketing - Nathan French

Sep 29 • 48:11

Nathan French, co-founder of Attention Driven Marketing joins your host, Shane McElroy (@implantmba), for episode 78 of the podcast.  Nate and Shane dive into the topics of story telling through video marketing.  They dive into different aspects of content creation, story telling, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and audio advertising.  If you're a marketing nerd, a content cr...

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade - Shane McElroy

Sep 7 • 26:46

Listening and Explaining the "Why" - Shane McElroy

Jun 17 • 14:18

The Most Random Episode Ever - Blake McClellan

Jun 11 • 47:20

What's Next in Medical & Dental Tech - Christian Pusateri

Jun 8 • 40:20

Christian Pusateri joins your host, Shane McElroy for this episode of The ALL-IN Podcast.  Christian is in sales development for ClaroNav and is well versed on many of the latest technologies in the medical and dental space.  The guys dive deep on artificial intelligence, dynamically guided dental procedures and the future of technology in medicine.  If your a tech nerd or...

Stealing From the Best - Shane McElroy

Jun 2 • 31:43

Do you manage people? Have aspirations to be a manager?  How about become a leader instead?  In episode 73 of the All-In Podcast, your host, Shane McElroy, shares stories from three of the best leaders he has worked for in the dental industry.  It's okay to steal from a leader when it improves your career!  And no, not possessions, but knowledge and characteristics.  Wheth...

Presentations 101: For Dummies, By A Dummy

Apr 14 • 23:52

Experience, Innovation & Leadership - Dr. Peter Shatz

Apr 6 • 01:00:27

We are back! We've been gone a few months but we are back and better than ever with Episode 71, "Experience, Innovation and Leadership" with our guest, Dr. Peter Shatz.  Dr. Shatz is a periodontist in Atlanta, GA.  Shane and Peter discuss the pros and cons of private practice vs corporate dentistry, the changing landscape of dental associations and reinventing ways to conn...

The Dental Whale Tale - Dr. Steven Wingfield

Dec 2 • 47:20

Dr. Steven Wingfield, President and Chief Dental Officer Dental Whale, joins the podcast to tell his story of entrepreneurship.  He discusses his career path starting with the Navy, then becoming a dentist in a group practice, becoming a practice owner and creating positive disruption in the dental industry.  Dr. Wingfield is a great leader and clinician.  You will definit...

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