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The AI Effect

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The AI Effect is a podcast series exploring themes around the Canadian AI ecosystem. Amber Mac co-hosts with Accenture’s Jodie Wallis to examine the extraordinary pace of AI’ s technological growth, and the rewards, and perils for individuals, businesses, and society. This podcast was produced byRead more

Popular episodes

Smart Cities

Oct 23 • 32:17

What makes a city smart? Toronto's proposed Quayside development, a high-tech neighbourhood built by Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, will feature driverless cars, automated city services and sustainable infrastructure aimed at improving quality of life. Our final episode of season two features Craig Nevill-Manning from Sidewalk Labs and Mayor of Toronto John Tory on what we can ...

Customer Service

Oct 23 • 24:46

How is AI being integrated into industries that rely heavily providing good customer service? Companies are increasingly turning to AI-driven chatbots, virtual assistants and self-service options to augment their human agents and improve customer experience. Hosts Jodie and Amber discuss the future of AI in customer service with Shopify's former SVP Data Science and Engine...


Oct 23 • 19:03

Customer and employee safety, risk assessments and policy recommendations - machine learning is fast becoming a fundamental part of the financial services ecosystem. Hosts Jodie Wallis and Amber Mac examine AI's evolving role in financial services, particularly within insurance - featuring interviews with John Heveran of Liberty Mutual, Tomi Poutanen from TD’s Layer 6 AI, ...


Oct 23 • 25:56

Advancements in robot-assisted surgery, mental health diagnoses and workflow optimization are fuelling explosive growth for AI in healthcare. Unlike technologies that merely complement human functionality, AI today can truly augment human potential in healthcare. Featuring interviews with Anna Goldenberg from Goldenberg Labs at SickKids' Research Institute, Kenton White fr...

Agriculture and the Environment

Oct 23 • 23:56

Factors like climate change, population growth and resource scarcity are driving the agricultural industry to innovate its approach to food production and sustainability. How can AI help overcome the biggest challenges in agriculture? Jodie and Amber examine the solutions with SomaDetect’s Bharath Sudarsan, Lauren Rathmell of Lufa Farms Greenhouse, and Intuitive’s Hassan M...

Industry Adoption

Oct 23 • 33:09

AI is all around us but will early adopters gain a competitive edge in their business practices? Our featured experts demystify the barriers to AI adoption at the enterprise level and discuss how to scale your company’s AI potential. Guests include the Republic of Estonia’s Chief Information Officer Siim Sikkut,’s Kathryn Hume, Facebook’s AI Research Lead Joel...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Oct 23 • 23:41

In the first episode of season two, our hosts Amber Mac and Jodie Wallis speak with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Canada's role as an AI leader and what's needed to accelerate the pace of adoption of AI solutions so that all Canadians benefit from our investments....

We're Back for Season 2!

Oct 9 • 02:17

We're back for Season 2! The AI Effect officially launches on October 23rd with hosts Jodie Wallis and Amber MacArthur. This season we talk with individuals such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sidewalk Labs’ Craig Nevill-Manning to learn more about the adoption of artificial intelligence in Canada. We ask who are the innovators, and what innovations are bein...

Human-centered AI: developing and retaining the skills to lead

Feb 19 • 22:31

In this final episode of The AI Effect we explore what artificial intelligence will do for people. Amanda Lang and Jodie Wallis explore how AI will affect the job market and examine the human side of AI. They are joined by Hon. Navdeep Bains, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Peter Misek, partner at BDC’s IT Venture Fund, Accenture’s Deb Sa...

Balancing innovation and safety: ethics, transparency, bias and privacy

Feb 19 • 29:58

How do we protect ourselves in the new era of AI? In this episode, hosts Amanda Lang and Jodie Wallis speak with Ann Cavoukian about the privacy of personal data. Cavoukian is the distinguished expert-in-residence leading the Privacy by Design Centre for Excellence at Ryerson University. They also speak with Dr. Foteini Agrafioti, the chief science officer at RBC, and head...

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