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The After Disaster Broadcast

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A comedic post-apocalyptic tale, this podcast follows former radio host Jo Prendergast at the explosive end of the world. Keep up with Jo’s ham radio transmissions as she uses humor and luck to survive: -the effects of a supervolcano eruption -other survivors who could murder her or help her orRead more

Popular episodes

Ep. 29 - Trailer Fark

Mar 20 • 31:09

Even though Jo has some hope for Scout and her illness, she's still tense. Jo and her friends find an old fashion stress reliever in an odd place. ...

Ep. 28 - The Bucket List

Feb 17 • 28:48

What Jo feared turns out to be true and now the group has to deal with the consequences....

Roadside Minisode (and Some Announcements)

Dec 4 • 09:03

It's hard to get out of Ohio when there keeps being interesting distractions. ...

Elliot Teaches Knitting minisode

Aug 3 • 06:47

Jo is trying to relax so Elliot teaches her one of their favorite hobbies....

Snowed In minisode

Jul 4 • 04:52

We are on hiatus until end of summer so please enjoy this episode about a well known American pastime: farking up the rules of a card game....

Jo and the Cat Minisode

Jun 2 • 06:08

We are on hiatus until midsummer so please enjoy this cat related mini-episode in the meantime.

Sounds were all taken from
Cat purr
Cat Meow from Counter-gamer
Cat hairball from pfranzen...

Snowfall Minisode

May 1 • 05:18

We are on hiatus until midsummer so please enjoy this snow related mini-episode in the meantime....

Ep. 27 - Hellfire

Apr 15 • 24:47

Jo, Jee-Hyun, Scout and Zoey get stuck between a rock and a hard place and Elliot has to find a way to save the whole group....

Ep. 26 - The House of Bone and Stone

Apr 1 • 20:45

The first snowfall appears, leaving Jo and her companions trapped in a strange place full of bones....

Ep. 25 - Perish House

Mar 15 • 24:17

Jo and her companions arrive at Zoey's hometown and unpleasant scene greets them....

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