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If you're looking for someone who actually knows how presidential and national politics works to explain what's going on in 30 minutes or less, this is the show for you. Joe Trippi is a longtime Democratic campaign manager who ran the progressive Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004 and theRead more

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Dave Pell With Some Helpful Advice

Nov 23 • 37:29

Author and journalist Dave Pell joins the show to discuss his book, Please Scream Inside Your Heart, and the state of journalism and the news today. Dave is also the author of the NextDraft -- one of Joe's favorite newsletters that combines a comprehensive look at the news with a touch of humor. Joe and Alex talk to Dave about how we're supposed to process everything that ...

Dave Weigel on Beto, Whether BBB Moves Voters, How Dems Grow Coalition To Win In '22

Nov 19 • 46:19

Veteran reporter Dave Weigel joins the show to discuss how Democrats can make strides in '22, starting with another run for Beto O'Rourke for Governor of Texas. How do we handicap that race as it stands now?...

It's Infrastructure Week!

Nov 12 • 34:06

Yes, you heard it right, Infrastructure Week! President Joe Biden finally got his infrastructure bill passed. The question is, how good or bad is this for Democrats going into 2022? We talk about the implications for next year and how the GOP's recruitment struggles are good news for Democrats. Also: the January 6th committee has more subpoenas out -- who's next? This and ...

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Strongmen, Trump's Future, Predicting Path of American Authoritarianism

Nov 9 • 37:10

As the Jan. 6 investigation in the House unfolds, historian and professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins the show to put America's authoritarian impulses in historical and global context....

Virginia/NJ Reactions: What's Next For Dems?

Nov 5 • 33:51

Joe and Alex discuss why Joe’s actually feeling… okay about the elections? (At least in a historical context.)...

Can Greece reinvent Democracy: Greek Minister of Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis

Nov 2 • 31:45

“It’s about digital, but it’s not about digital. Digital is the means.”...

Hunter Walker on 'Smoking Gun' Jan. 6 Report; What Did Trump, Members of Congress Know?

Oct 29 • 34:56

Do yourself a favor: Before listening, give Hunter Walker's bombshell article a read here:**...

How Dems Could Stop Trump From Running, Manchin's Possible Defection, VA Gov Updates

Oct 22 • 35:28

Joe and Alex are back to talk about a ton of big news. Joe Manchin is dangling a possible defection to the GOP caucus if he doesn't get what he wants in the BBB bill. What options do the Dems have? Could he actually do it? And how do we move past the infighting? ...

Simon Rosenberg: 3 Ways to Win in 2022

Oct 15 • 37:58

Joe welcomes Simon Rosenberg, president of NDN and the New Policy Institute. He's a Democratic campaign veteran who is both realistic and optimistic about the coalition Democrats must build to win in 2022....

Ralph Neas on Advocating for Civil Rights

Oct 5 • 35:25

Ralph Neas, prominent civil rights leader, joins Joe and Alex this week to discuss the power of coalition and strength in united numbers, specifically in human, constitutional, and civil rights....

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