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Long time podcast host Eric Scull presents a podcast dedicated to the pleasure of talking passionately about stuff. Guest hosts every episode from the podcast community or across media will join Eric in spieling to their heart's content.

Popular episodes

Ep 23: Covid Delta Scariants Do Not Yield SkyMiles®

Aug 10 • 01:46:45

It's been a few months since our last Covid-19 check in episode, so I welcome back Dr. Preeyam Patel to chat about the Delta variant, breakthrough cases, vaccine boosters and more! The science is presented in such a way that a layperson such as myself can understand, as with our previous episodes!...

TYFS One Year Retrospective!

Jun 28 • 01:15:54

"Thank You for Spieling" is one year old! I am joined by fellow podcaster and friend Julianna (last heard on Episode 2 of this show!) to get crazy and discuss her thoughts as well as my major takeaways from the first year of Spieling....

Ep 21 - My Mom, the Speech Therapist

May 17 • 02:01:17

The month of May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! On this very special episode of Thank You for Spieling, I interview my mother, Janet Scull, about her long career as a speech and language pathologist working in a school district for 34 years. It was a great treat to finally talk to my mom about her career, now that I am older and understand such things! Despite retirin...

20. Aaahh!!! Real Witches!

May 4 • 01:43:08

On this episode I'm joined by my friend Fuchsia Rascal who is a real-life practicing witch! All my years spent podcasting on Harry Potter could not have prepared me to hear about what real witches do (and don't do), compared to the movies and books! And Fuchsia, who I met through Harry Potter over a decade ago, is the perfect guest to get me (and listeners) caught up. Foll...

19. COVID-19 Children Facts and Jam Packed Catch-Up!

Mar 29 • 02:30:26

Returning to the podcast is Dr. Preeyam Patel (@ThePreesKnees) to mark one year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic! Tune in for the latest scientific facts that have been heavily checked, being explained in ways that make sense. We also praise the amazing speed by which the US President was able to secure vaccines and have the US administer over 100M at the date of a...

18. Dungeons, Dragons and Spirituality, Oh My! with Menachem Cohen

Mar 11 • 01:52:03

What can roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons teach us about the Divine? How can an increasingly secular world find answers to life's deepest questions through means other than organized religion? The latest episode of Thank You for Spieling discusses this and much more as my friend Sarah Davis joins me in interviewing Menachem Cohen, a spiritual leader and rabbi...

17. Klingon Pop, and Our Favorite Love Songs!

Feb 14 • 02:16:05

Joining Eric this week is returning guest David J. Peterson, language creator extraordinaire, who first spoke with Eric on Episode 3 of the show about the songs we are most glad exist....

16. The Eric and Nobody Else Show (1997-8)

Feb 7 • 34:00

xv. COVID-19, New Year, New Science Facts!

Jan 9 • 02:02:50

We're back with another apolitical science episode! Dr. Preeyam Patel (PhD in immunology) and Eric follow up their initial episode (8 of this podcast) and the supplemental vaccine talk (of episode 12) to update listeners on how much of the information previously discussed is still accurate (spoiler: it's 100%!) and talk about the latest questions emerging from COVID-19 acr...

xiv. Doctor Who + Christmas = Special!

Dec 25 • 02:08:33

On this Holiday episode I invite my dear friends Derek Martz and Joe Falbo, both long-time fans of the BBC's Doctor Who, to discuss what a time-traveling alien from Gallifrey means to them. Covering an impressive span of 56 years in the show's history, the guys bring informative facts and anecdotal humor to the table....

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