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Go behind the headlines for a look at what's really going on at the Texas Capitol and in Washington with the state's #1 political podcast: Texas Take. Join the conversation featuring Scott Braddock, editor of The Quorum Report and Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News political writer JeremyRead more

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Texas Primaries in Full Swing

Jan 14 • 55:46

With the March primary coming up faster than you think, candidates for statewide office are crisscrossing Texas making their pitch to voters. The Republicans and the Democrat trying to oust Gov. Greg Abbott are slamming him on everything from the border to covid. Meantime, the race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner emerges as maybe the nastiest race of the moment. Join th...

Sen. Cruz Stands Against Domestic Terrorists Until He Doesn't

Jan 7 • 57:14

2022 in Texas politics starts with GOP politicians going out of their way not to speak too harshly about the January 6th insurrection. That includes Sen. Ted Cruz, who called the attackers "terrorists" until a Fox News host took him to task for it. Plus, the race for governor is heating up with bipartisan attacks against Gov. Greg Abbott. Join the conversation as we start ...

'The Texas Model' Has a Whole New Meaning

Dec 16 • 01:00:05

Now that the Supreme Court has let stand a six-week abortion ban in Texas enforced by civil lawsuits, Democratic states want to crack down on guns using a similar scheme while some GOP states want to unleash private lawsuits over "critcal race theory." Plus, Texas' highest criminal court puts an end to Attorney General Ken Paxton's prosecutions of what he calls "voter frau...

It's Put Up or Shut Up Time

Dec 10 • 01:01:04

With the filing deadline approaching Monday, this is when the rubber meets the road for anyone who wants to run for office in Texas. Plus, the state is in court with the feds over abortion, redistricting, and more. And Attorney General Ken Paxton is lavished with praise by ex-President Trump. Is that really all it takes to win this GOP primary? Join the conversation featur...

Abbott Guarantees the Texas Electricity Grid Won't Collapse

Dec 3 • 37:04

As Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke ramps up his attacks on Gov. Greg Abbott over the failure of the Texas electricity grid earlier this year, the Republican governor says he can "guarantee the lights will stay on." Plus, the vaccine mandate wars continue in Austin and Washington as Abbott tries desperately to avoid another special session of the Legislature. Join the co...

Y'all Happy Now? There's Finally a Democrat Running for Texas Governor

Nov 19 • 51:44

After months of anticipation among Texas Democrats, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke this week announced his candidacy for governor against Gov. Greg Abbott. Plus, retirements are stacking up in the Texas Legislature as new candidates come forward to file for office all across the Great State....

The Far Right Starts to Turn on Ken Paxton

Nov 12 • 46:49

The Texas Attorney General's race got a jolt this week as archconservative Congressman Louie Gohmert announced he's considering running against Trump-endorsed incumbent Ken Paxton in the GOP primary. Plus, some in the Texas GOP now have a new target for their anger: Big Bird. Yes, you read that right....

The United States Vs Texas

Nov 5 • 54:46

From abortion to election laws, Texas and the United States are locking horns in court. Plus, retirements abound in the Texas Legislature just as the campaign season is set to kick off with candidates throwing their hats in the ring starting in about a week....

Politically Lost in Translation

Oct 29 • 59:01

Why are Texas Republicans, including Gov. Abbott, embracing a chant that goes "Let's go Brandon"? Well, the answer actually informs just about everything happening in the state's politics at the moment. Plus the new Texas abortion law will be before the Supreme Court next week....

It is Mercifully Over. Now What?

Oct 21 • 43:44

Gov. Abbott racked up wins and losses in the finally-concluded special legislative session, including a big loss on vaccine mandates. Plus the new Texas Secretary of State is a Trump loyalist who tried to overturn the election last year....

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