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Stories from Texas are written for and recorded for the Texas Standard radio program. They’re written by W.F Strong and edited for broadcast by Texas Standard producers.

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The Most Generous Texan Of Yore?

Dec 1 • 06:02

Most Texans probably know the Brackenridge name. But, depending on where you’re from, you might have a different landmark (and namesake) in mind. In Austin, there was the area’s first public hospital. In Edna, there’s a more than one thousand acre Brackenridge Recreation Complex. But as Commentator WF Strong notes, the Brackenridge who lent his name to a park in San Antoni...

Texas Navigator App

Nov 17 • 03:40

Peregrine Falcons

Oct 20 • 04:57

The Young Lieutenant Who Crossed the Wild Horse Desert

Oct 6 • 04:10

Texas And The Art Of Understatement

Sep 22 • 05:35

Words That Migrated

Sep 8 • 04:33

I showed a friend of mine a picture of me sitting at the edge of a thin ridge jutting out, about 300 feet above the Pecos River. He said, “I can’t look at that, it gives me the willies.”...

The Texas Olympics

Aug 12 • 04:28

The Olympics — as we were all just reminded — are a fantastic display of athleticism of all sorts. For many of us, watching the games is a reminder of just how we could never do that thing that we’re watching other people do....

Miles And Miles Of Texas

Jul 14 • 05:28

One way I know a book is special is if I keep thinking about it years after I first read it. Miles and Miles of Texas, 100 years of the Texas Highway Department, by Carol Dawson and Roger Allen Polson, is such a book. I first read it several years ago, and even recommended it on air back then, but ever so briefly. I was unable to do it justice in the ten seconds I had to d...

Long Before Elon Musk, A Different Man Had A Plan To Develop Boca Chica

Jun 30 • 04:24

One hundred years ago, Col. Sam Robertson stood on the same Boca Chica Beach in South Texas that Elon Musk owns today and dreamed a different dream. Instead of Musk’s spaceport, Robertson dreamed of seaports and an oceanside highway.  ...

There’s Something About A Person Named Tex

Jun 16 • 05:33

Tex is an incredibly popular nickname. It is so fitting for some… that it pushes their given first name entirely out of use. I thought it would be interesting to look at a few famous folks known mostly as just Tex....

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