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Testing 1, 2, 3

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You drive your car, travel by plane, listen to music, read about the Mars Rover. And none of it would be possible without the constant evolution of test technologies. We connect you to tech leaders discussing some of the biggest challenges facing society today and in the future.

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How It Started..And How It’s Going

Aug 11 • 24:55

History is filled with examples of inventions that people thought would be transformational, then turned out to be nothing but a fad. Take electrified water for example. It was thought to change the world forever, instead, it failed. Badly. That doesn’t mean we learn something from these failures. Each one shows us the importance of test, feedback, and the ability to adapt...

Tech Doesn’t Change the World – Access to Tech Changes the World

Jul 28 • 26:18

Never has technology so dramatically changed humankind than in the last century. Organizations are using technology in truly innovative ways to solve the many problems we have and to create opportunities such as improved living conditions, economic impact, and longer life expectancy. This week, we discuss how diversity in technology and rigorous test can help drive innovat...

Who Tests the Test?

Jul 14 • 28:15

The pandemic has changed just about everything in our society, but the need for rigorous testing is more important than ever. This week, we welcome two people who used test and measurement to stop the spread of COVID and provide an effective and simple solution for consumers. Scientist Harmony Douwes and Senior Test Systems Engineer Ruchira Gunatillake join us to talk abou...

The Future of Mobility

Jul 1 • 25:01

The future of mobility is coming fast, but there are a couple of bumps on the road. To better prepare for the future, we need to understand what the potential risks are, and how to manage them. This week, we focus on how testing can help us get around more safely, and provide a more environmental form of transportation. We welcome Beth Osborne, Director of Transportation f...

Big Data

Jun 16 • 27:18

Big Data has the potential to answer many of life’s biggest questions, bring new products to market, and reduce costs for already existing inventions. However, without the right testing, this is just an unmanageable amount of data with nowhere to apply it. This episode welcomes Mike Santori from NI and Jennifer Stirrup of Data Relish to talk about best practices in data te...

5G Is Not For You

Jun 3 • 26:46

We know 5G as this super fast wireless network that some experts say will drive innovation in manufacturing, transportation, and other industries that might not even exist yet. There is a lot of hope for 5G and testing will play a critical role in getting it into our lives. This week, we explore the role testing plays in this 5G with Clarke Ryan, Senior Director of Product...

How To Lose $50m in 50 Seconds

May 19 • 21:58

When you are bound for the moon, there are thousands of “gee, glad we tested this” moments during any and all stages of space flight. If not, you’ve got some trouble. From NASA’s early days to the modern era, space exploration has led to some of the most spectacular and public test failures. This week, the episode focuses on NASA’s rocket test of the mid 20th century, incl...

Where Is My Self Driving Car?

May 6 • 19:12

Most of us dream of a world where we can take a nap on our commute, but do so with the guarantee of safety, security, and peace of mind. The revolution will be driverless, but there is still much to learn about self-driving cars and the technology behind testing them that we need to know. In this episode, we welcome two experts that can help us understand how close we are ...

How We Got Here

Apr 20 • 23:11

Welcome to the first episode of Testing 1-2-3, a new podcast from NI, where we speak to engineers, experts, and those on the forefront of some of the world’s biggest inventions and possibilities, to look at the world around us from the lens of testing. Get ready to deepen your knowledge, experience some “eureka” moments, and have fun in the process. ...

Welcome to Testing 1, 2, 3

Apr 16 • 01:16

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