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TestGuild Performance Testing and Site Reliability Podcast

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TestGuild Performance Testing and SRE is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software performance testing related. TestGuild Performance Podcast covers news found in the performance testing space, reviews books about software performance and speaks with some ofRead more

Popular episodes

Performance Testing using with Marie Drake

Nov 16 • 25:42

Kubernetes using AI to optimize Performance with Stefano Doni

Nov 2 • 35:50

As you’ve probably heard, Kubernetes has become the new application server of modern cloud-native applications. But how do you avoid performance issues and increase efficiency when adopting Kubernetes? In this episode, Stefano Doni, Chief Technology Officer at Akamas, shares his approach to using AI to optimize your experience. Discover key Kubernetes resource management c...

How to Automate Your Performance Test Results with Joey Hendricks

Oct 26 • 31:44

Continuous performance testing is nothing new, but one of the biggest pitfalls of a reliable automated performance test is the manual analysis of its results. In this episode, performance testing expert Joey Hendricks will share his approach to automating much of the analysis of your runs. Discover how to embed an automated analysis approach in your testing process to perf...

Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Sep 28 • 24:02

Building an SRE Process with Evan Niedojadlo

Sep 21 • 31:39

The Evolution of Chaos Engineering with Benjamin Wilms

Sep 14 • 26:18

Is it Observable with Henrik Rexed

Sep 7 • 29:29

Is your application observable? In this episode, Henrik Rexed, a Cloud-Native Advocate at Dynatrace, shares how you and your teams can implement better observability into your systems. Discover how he transitioned from performance testing to SRE, the difference between APM and Observability, Kubernetes, Telemetry, his new YouTube “Is it Observable” channel, and more. Liste...

How to Practice Chaos Engineering with Michael Sage

Aug 31 • 28:51

How is Chaos Engineering different and like performance testing? In this episode, Michael Sage, a solutions architect, and chaos engineer at Gremlin, shares real-world examples of applying Chaos engineering to the banking industry. Discover practices like Chaos experiments, the five steps for the Scientific Method for Chaos Engineering, black holes, and Resiliency testing....

The Story of Load Testing (A Hitchhiker's Guide) with Leandro Melendez

Aug 24 • 31:48

Need to put together a load test for your software but don’t know where to start? Want to improve your current performance-testing efforts? In this episode, Leandro Melendez (AKA Sr. Performo) will discuss his new book, The Hitchhiking Guide To Load Testing Projects. Discover proven performance principles and practices from this fun, step-by-step walk-through guide. Don’t ...

Performance Testing Infrastructure Building with Nikolay Avramov

Aug 17 • 25:55

Get ready to learn how to plan and conduct your next performance test. In this episode, Nikolay Avramov, a software engineer at Automate the Planet, shares performance testing fundamentals. Discover what exactly performance testing is and how you can perform it as part of your test strategy. Also, learn how to set up and create your performance testing Infrastructure. List...

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