Terrance McMahon

Terrance Mcmahon

business, education
Books, Business & Life Terrance McMahon, retired CEO and best-selling author takes the best business tips from the top business books and brings you ideas and principles to grow your company.
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Best Episodes

Musician & TikTok Sensation - Jonah Kagen

Jan 29, 2021

"Kintsugi - The act of fixing broken pottery with gold “Your scars become your stars” ⭐️"

Jonah's song "Broken" invited the world to co write his song. It's been shared by thousands of people, 300,000 followers and close to 3 million likes. Listen to his incredible story of inspiration and chasing his passion Click HERE Follow Jonah & listen to his hit song "Broken"  Re-Create App! Read more

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