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Mario Porreca is obsessed with conversation. He is fascinated by people, innately curious, and has a gift for connecting with others at a deep level and helping them articulate their powerful wisdom in a very short amount of time. Over the past 10 years, Mario has been blessed with the opportunityRead more

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Ep 975: Christy Metcalf: Why a Side Hustle Isn’t Serving You

Jul 27 • 20:00

Christy Metcalf returns to discuss why starting a side hustle as a way to transition out of corporate work can hold you back from entrepreneurial success....

Ep 974: Christy Metcalf: Pivoting to Entrepreneurship after Corporate

Jul 26 • 15:34

Christy Metcalf shares why she pivoted from corporate work to entrepreneurship and the things to consider before you make the leap....

Ep 973: Wylie Robinson: Being Prepared to Solve Problems

Jul 23 • 16:31

Wylie Robinson returns to discuss how problem-solving is a symptom of success and how his organization looks at problem-solving as continuous innovation....

Ep 972: Wylie Robinson: Staying Innovative and Passionate within your Organization

Jul 23 • 14:11

Wylie Robinson shares how inspiration and passion were the foundation for his company and how he looks for opportunities to exercise his passion within his organization....

Ep 971: Maya Hu-Chan: Humility as an Asset

Jul 19 • 18:30

Maya Hu-Chan returns to discuss the importance of humility as a leader and how you can create psychological safety in the workplace....

Ep 970: Maya Hu-Chan: Creating Trust and Dignity in Your Organization

Jul 16 • 18:39

Maya Hu-Chan shares the importance of trust and dignity in the workplace and how to avoid large conflicts by understanding the nuances of the way we communicate within our organizations....

Ep 969: Errol Leandre: How Purpose Can Heal the Past

Jul 12 • 20:46

Errol Leandre returns to discuss how his speaking career helped him heal from childhood trauma and learn the power forgiveness....

Ep 968: Errol Leandre: Overcoming Fear to Reach New Levels of Success

Jul 9 • 18:17

Errol Leandre shares how he overcame his fear of public speaking and the challenge of a speech impediment by stepping out of his comfort zone and serving others....

Ep 967: Alex Kuhn: Why the Hustle Mentality Doesn’t Work

Jul 8 • 20:05

Alex Kuhn returns to discuss why the hustle and grind mentality isn’t always best entrepreneurs and how you can still work hard and have a peaceful career....

Ep 966: Alex Kuhn: Daily Goals that Ensure Success

Jul 7 • 16:13

Alex Kuhn shares the key characteristics of a high performer and why you should be focused on what you’re achieving day-by-day....

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