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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx Darlinghurst brings people together to share a TED-like experience where video and live speakers combine to connect and spark deep discussion. Join the conversation #TedXDarlinghurst. WHAT IS TED COUNTDOWN? Countdown is a global initiative toRead more

Popular episodes

Tim Noakesmith | Why eating Tortoise could save the planet

Dec 12 • 16:43

How do we feed 10 billion people by 2050 without destroying the earth in the process? Tim Noakesmith presents a potential solution on curated meat – meat produced from cell samples I laboratories. In this provocative and innovative talk, Tim presents a fresh perspective on how to diminish CO2 emissions from our food system. If you like to see applied science to change our ...

Max Van Biene | How COVID taught us to love our food and save our planet

Dec 12 • 16:34

Did you know that Australians waste 126 kg of food per person every year?...

Ziggy Marzinelli | Restoring is not enough - future-proofing our marine ecosystems

Dec 12 • 09:30

How do we save ecosystems from environmental change? The answer lies in the invisible. In this thought-provoking talk, Dr. Ziggy Marzinelli explains how uncovering the microbial world is revolutionising our understanding of how marine ecosystems work and how to fix them into the future....

Ellie Moss | How can marketing help solve our climate crisis

Dec 12 • 12:37

How do you harness the dark arts of marketing for good? With climate change still being such a polarising issue, is there a better way we can cut through and encourage more people to become climate advocates?...

Sophia Tremenheere | The feminist’s guide to stop the planet bleeding

Dec 12 • 10:15

#PlasticFreePeriods - It’s becoming an emerging trend....

Lottie Dalziel | The power of community in fighting climate change

Dec 12 • 10:09

How do you find support in your local community? Start by greeting your local barista, or your bus driver. Local communities can have a big impact on our fight against Climate Change....

Helen Redmond | Should you talk with your doctor about climate change?

Dec 12 • 16:14

Heatwaves are responsible for more deaths than any other natural disaster. Among health workers, heat is known as the silent killer. Climate Change has been declared a health emergency by doctors all over the world....

Will Rayward-Smith | From carbon fail to climate success in four steps

Dec 12 • 10:29

Will Rayward-Smith show us how he has been identifying and changing carbon failures across Australia. If you want to hear how he does this and why we are the generation this is a talk you must watch. Using his methodology: Identifying, asking why, really why, playing with possibilities, and implementing Will managed to bring the first transferable solar farm to Australia, ...

Emily Jateff | The tortoise approach to solving climate change

Dec 12 • 08:41

Do you remember the tortoise and the hare history? When the fast but unmethodical hare losses to the slow but sure tortoise? Well, we are all acting like the hare when we want climate change to be solved after five minutes of hearing it from the internet and liking or sharing a post. Listen to Emily talk about the tortoise approach to solving huge problems, like climate ch...

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