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Technology is reshaping our cities—often without permission and sometimes without a clue. Hosted by urban innovation expert Molly Turner and startup advisor Jim Kapsis, Technopolis asks the questions nobody is asking about what needs to change for tech to help solve more problems than it creates.

Popular episodes

Post-Pandemic City

Jul 8 • 43:25
When startups want to fight city hall, many turn to Bradley Tusk. Fresh off advising Andrew Yang in his unsuccessful mayoral bid in New York City, the political “fixer” and host of the Firewall Podcast talks with Molly and Jim on this collaborative, joint episode on how the pandemic may have permanently changed urban life and maybe even reset relations between tech and cit...

Climate Resilient City

May 14 • 46:26

Open Street City

Sep 22 • 40:34

For the final episode of our COVID miniseries, Molly and Jim consider the disparities in how people are getting around cities during the pandemic, and who is benefitting from closed streets and new forms of mobility. They talk to urban mobility expert Tamika Butler, who shares why she thinks bicycles are tools for social justice, and what she thinks tech companies should c...

Care City

Sep 15 • 36:50

The people who go to work in other people's homes perform essential jobs - like house cleaners, nannies, elder care workers - but lack the same rights and protections as other workers. In the second installment of our coronavirus miniseries, Jim and Molly talk with Palak Shah of the National Domestic Workers Alliance about how the pandemic has affected these workers, and h...

Restaurant City

Sep 7 • 36:18

In this first installment of our COVID miniseries, Jim and Molly explore how the pandemic might transform our cities and focus on something we're all missing right now: going out to restaurants. They talk to Yi Chen from the restaurant tech startup Toast about how the pandemic will change the way we dine in, order out, and why he believes neighborhood restaurants will not ...

Wired City

Jun 11 • 31:10

Are we at risk of creating a permanent digital underclass? Internet access has become essential for modern American life, but current policies don't treat it that way. In this special bonus episode, Jim and Molly talk to Maya Wiley about a core piece of the infrastructure for our tech future: broadband. Wiley, a digital equity expert and MSNBC contributor, breaks down the ...

Golden City

Jun 4 • 32:30

Can Wakanda's capital city teach us to build better cities in the real world? For as long as there have been movies, there have been fictional visions of tech-forward futures. But few cities on film have inspired the awe of urbanists like Black Panther's Golden City, devised by production designer Hannah Beachler. In this special bonus episode, Jim and Molly talk with Beac...

Feedback City

Apr 16 • 29:53

Is tech making it easier for us to talk to our cities? Changed bus routes. A shuttered park. How many times has your city made a decision affecting you that you didn't know about until after it happened? This persistent communication gap is one of the great conundrums for many city leaders. And it hasn't necessarily gotten any better just because we're on apps and social m...

Delivery City

Apr 9 • 33:32

Will food delivery apps kill your favorite neighborhood restaurant? The tech-fueled delivery economy is already having a dramatic impact on how some restaurants do business. Will it also transform our neighborhoods? And should we feel guilty about ordering that coffee and donut directly to our door with a few taps on our phone? Molly and Jim talk with Leslie Silverglide, t...

Nudge City

Apr 2 • 31:37

Can tech help cities nudge us to live better lives, without things getting weird? In this episode, we look at how technology is making the popular behavioral science tool known as a "nudge" more prevalent in cities, from tackling sign-ups for food stamps to reducing congestion downtown. Molly and Jim talk with Emily Bailard, the CEO of InClass Today, a startup that uses nu...

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