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Inside a Remarkable Factory

Sep 8 • 19:20

The next great productivity revolution has begun. This is a story about how robots at the edge are helping manufacturers tackle labor shortages, while making workers safe and more productive — and about the technologies that make those outcomes possible. ...

The Smart Home

Apr 6 • 16:39

The Mind Reader

Mar 23 • 20:13

What can Artificial Intelligence learn from mere human minds? A ton. This is the story of a new effort to reveal the long-held secrets of the brain, and apply them to AI. Of how it will spark a vast new era of discovery and, of course, the technology that’s making it all possible. ...

The Museum For Our Future

Mar 9 • 19:11

Technology is powering knowledge millions of years in the making. Learn how the digital revitalization of museums is empowering scientific minds to new, accelerated discoveries. And how the world’s leading scientists, with technology, are developing global sustainability efforts to address climate change....

The Esports Powerhouse

Feb 23 • 23:03

The pace is fast. Change is constant. And the stakes keep getting bigger. This is esports. And this is just the beginning. Join us inside the world’s foremost esports training facility, and experience the technology, the organization, and the people behind the esports powerhouse, Team Liquid....

The Best Partner for Pets

Feb 9 • 17:02

Natural disasters separate humans from animals, creating urgent need for reunion and adoption. For animal shelters today, technology plays a growing role, not just in happy reunions, but as an invaluable tool to America’s animal welfare workers. Learn how animal shelters are using digital innovation to make a better world for pets everywhere.

Technology Powers X is an origi...

The Connected Sports Fanatic

Jan 26 • 18:19

Call it a game-within-the-game. As passionate sports fans keep up with the action in front of them, sports venues — with an assist from technology — are working flat out to meet the changing needs of their customers. Join us as we explore how leading sports stadiums are providing cutting-edge experiences for every fan. 

Technology Powers X is an original podcast from Dell T...

The Sea of Satellite Data

Jan 12 • 23:13

Did you know the world’s largest ships are being guided by a team of mini satellites? Join us as we explore how the maritime shipping industry is digitizing their operations with data powered by artificial intelligence, cloud and an on-demand high performance computing environment....

The Farm of the Future

Dec 8 • 21:55

What comes to mind when you think of farming? Barns, tractors, soil, fields? Not anymore. As the needs of a hungry world are changing, so is farming. Learn how indoor vertical farms are using digital innovation to sustainably feed communities across the world.

The Leading Edge of Rail

Nov 24 • 21:22

Much of the American story is built on two steel rails. Today, many — perhaps most — of the things you own have been carried by trains. In this episode, we explore how railways are embracing artificial intelligence and edge technology to reduce downtime and maximize efficiency. And how one tech company’s ingenious rail car inspection portals are keeping railways competitive....

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